mind game

》just 4 fun.

Yo yo,

Congrats!  You have been chosen as THE BEST PAL OF FUN, from hundreds of thousands of candidates, to join the MIND GAME (of course, you may call it whatever you like), in which you simply answer questions and win super prize.  Cooooool!

Just kidding.  You are invited here to join this social activity, which, hopefully, helps you retrieve your memories, explore the bottom of your heart and even laughs with you.  In short, it's a questions-and-answers game, and, after you finish them, you are required to forward these questions to 8 more pals, with one more question added by YOU.

It's suggested you post your answers on your own blog or web site.  Because my blog at Blogger.com is, again, unaccessible, I build this temporary site to keep my promise to the Game and who passed the torch to me.

Remember, it's just a pastime, not a quiz!  You do NOT have to do it unless you are willing to.  However, once you write down your first answer, you are supposed to finish them all.

There is only one rule for the game -- be HONEST!




posted on 29 Mar 2007 send me a email


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