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The Funeral Program Site
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Top 5 Tips On Organizing A Funeral

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Hello everyone. Normally in an article, I would try to be cheerful as I would hope the reader is feeling the same way. However, for this article I am going to be writing a list of my top 5 tips for organizing a funeral. I assume those that have chose to read this article have just a loved one. If you have, I am terribly sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it can be, and the idea of organizing the funeral can seem overwhelming. I hope that my list of my tip 5 tips for organizing a funeral will offer you some relief. With that, here is my list of my top 5 tips for organizing a funeral.

1. Open Casket Or Closed?
First off... decide how you want the casket to be displayed. Do you want it to be an open casket or closed casket funeral? There are several factors to think about when you make your decision. For instance, did they suffer a horrible death, or was it more of a peaceful death? In addition, who all will be coming to the funeral? Do you feel they would be okay seeing an open casket? An open casket funeral can be a great way of letting people accept that the death has happened. However, some people might find it just too difficult to see their loved one. If you feel like some family members might have a problem with it, you could always have a closed casket funeral. Then, you can arrange for a time before the funeral to have the casket open. This way, those who wish to see their loved one can do so in privacy without upsetting others.

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2. Transportation
Another thing to consider is transportation. You will need to make sure that everyone can attend the funeral and has access to transportation. In addition, what type of hearse do you want to be used? Should it take a special route? For any of the older attendees, will they need a wheel chair? Also... right after the funeral, do you have transportation to go back home, or wherever you'd like to go?

3. Music
What type of music would you like to have played at the funeral? The best way to figure out what type of music you want is to perhaps find out some of your loved ones favorite music. Of course, if they were into hard rock, you might want to look for a song they liked that is a bit softer. Use your judgment, but also think about what your loved one would like to hear.

4. Food
What do you plan to do about food? Do you wish to have someone cater the funeral? This might be a good way of helping everyone feel a bit better. The funeral will be very emotional, having a little snack to eat might help some of the guests to the funeral.

5. Cremation or Burial?
This is by far one of the most difficult choices you may make. Do you wish to have your loved one buried or cremated? First off, you should find out if they made any requests before they died. If they did make any requests, you should always follow what they requested. If they didn't make a request, then this is best something you should discuss with your family.

I hope this article has managed to help you and the planning of your funeral. All of these tips are great places to start with organizing the funeral. And once you make these decisions, you've already made great progress in planning the funeral. Good luck with the funeral!

Tips for Choosing Funeral Insurance Plans

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Funeral insurance is a kind of insurance specifically designed to provide for the costs associated with burial and interment of a deceased loved one. It is also referred to as burial, final expense or pre-need insurance.

For death is inevitable, it is a smart move to pre-plan this event. With a funeral insurance plan, not only does it make sure that one's funeral is arranged and paid for in advance but also it unburdens and helps ease the stress of the family members or beneficiaries left behind. Basically, it's a pre-paid arrangement so families or beneficiaries left behind only have to follow the plan as it is laid out.

Funeral insurance plans vary from the traditional whole life insurance, that includes funeral expenses or life insurance just intended to cover all of funeral expenses, to pre-need contract, policies or agreements that only cover funeral expenses.

Most insurance companies allow a coverage that includes any family member in the event that they should go first before the policy holder.

Most insurance companies include a funeral insurance cover of up to $15,000 with no medical requirements. This means that if you have health issues and have been rejected for other types of insurance before because of these, you will still be able to get some cover in place for your family with a funeral plan.

Generally, funeral insurance plan cost depends on the type of policy or contract bought and the age. Premiums can start from as low as a few dollars that can be paid weekly or fortnightly, monthly or yearly or a lump-sum payment (especially for people who are of retirement age).

The funeral insurance coverage may determine the kind of payment schedule plan. Variations may range from the single-premium policy where a lump-sum payment is made once. One can also have immediate coverage for the full death benefit or the graded death benefit where coverage amount increases over time. Also, there is the traditional whole life policy where the amount of coverage remains the same as long as payment of premiums is regularly paid. However, coverage ends once one stops paying.

Money Saving Tips For Planning a Funeral and Funeral Program Templates

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It's a financially smart idea to start planning a funeral long before anyone in your family is even ill. Money saving tips for planning a funeral are easier to realize when you plan ahead because everyone can think clearly and rationally rather than making hurried and emotional buying decisions when suddenly faced with funeral planning tasks after the death of a loved one.

Cremation rather than traditional burial can save money and can still include a memorial service. Ask if you can rent a casket for the purposes of viewing the body, or eliminate the viewing altogether as a cost saving step and have the cremated ashed in an urn displayed during the memorial service.

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Comparison shop for a casket because quality and pricing is very wide ranging. You can purchase a casket from an independent vendor who will then ship it to the funeral home. If you purchase the casket at the funeral home, don't be afraid to ask to see caskets within your price range. If you don't like the color of an economy model, ask if other colors or styles are available.

Supplying the funeral home with your own casket can save you money. Be aware that the funeral home may not charge you a handling fee for providing your own casket. Refuse any casket extras billed as protective measures because they are usually unnecessary and add to your expense. Unless a concrete vault is required by law once the casket is interred in a cemetery, do not purchase this feature as it can add unnecessary expenses to your overall funeral costs.

You are not obligated to buy a funeral package that includes many features you may not want. The funeral director is obligated by FTC regulation to give you itemized prices on all funeral elements, whether in person or on the phone, so you can see exactly all of the charges being incurred and the exact cost for each item or service.

Elaborate floral displays can represent a considerable funeral expense, so to save money, use the plants and floral displays already located in the church or funeral home, or set a modest floral budget and stick with it. Bury the deceased in a favorite outfit rather than spending extra money to purchase a new suit or dress for burial.

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