Funeral Program Templates

A funeral program design with a patriotic theme for UK.

Utilizing Funeral Program Templates can be a wise and time saving choice. Choose a funeral program that best fits your loved one's personality. Funeral Programs are available on certain web resources. This program above is a template specifically for an infant.

If you are interested in putting in a little creativity in the production of a funeral program design, the result can be beautiful. Firstly, download a free funeral program template for Microsoft Word.

To edit those fields, simply click on the text boxes and begin customizing your text. The format of the free funeral program template is two columns, with a letter size layout. The two columns of the format correspond to the front and back pages of the program you will customize.

Though this depends on the stock photo companies, the number of copies printed for the funeral program pictures is how the company will charge you. A much better road is to take the photograph yourself! Some ideas of backgrounds would be a rolling hill landscape, floral garden, sky with light beaming through the clouds, or a lake landscape scene. All of these are good candidates for a front cover of your funeral program template.

Under the photo of the deceased should be the name, date of birth, and date of death of the deceased. You can create a title for the front cover that reads "In Loving Memory of..." or "Celebrating the Life of..." in a nice script font above the photo.

The back of the program, which is the area adjacent to the cover on the left side of the letter size paper would include funeral program poems, pallbearers names, short obituary, or prayer. Also if you please, you may include the logistics of the funeral, including location, address, and phone number at the bottom of the back of the funeral service program. You should also indicate, somewhere on the back page of the funeral service program, where the gathering place after the service will be held, should one be planned.

The second page is the area for the funeral order of service. For an enhanced program, consider placing funeral program cover design elements from the front page into the internal pages; this will make the program more meaningful, professional, and beautiful.

For any program, funeral program templates are a time-saving tool and greatly abate stress, anxiety, and pressure. There is even more stress if you are not tech savvy or familiar with Microsoft Word. Using the aforementioned tips and guidelines, customize your own funeral program template based on your creativity!

Either way, whether with funeral program templates or purchased one, never hesitate to ask the assistance of a friend or family members; it is essential to remain undaunted by this formidable task, and to alleviate pressure wherever, and whenever possible.

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