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The Funeral Program Site is a good resource for cremation funeral programs and purchasing traditional beautiful funeral programs.

Cremation is now an increasing used alternative to burial. Cremation is the incineration of the remains-- where the body is taken and placed in a specially designed furnace with intense heat of approximately 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit that reduces the body to bone fragments and ashes within a few hours.

Bone ash is collected in a special area below the cremation chamber. Cremains is the word coined for the ashes post-cremation. Some families prefer to keep the ashes in their home in a special container or cremation urn. Placing the ashes in an urn in a house is an option favored by most families. Meanwhile, other families prefer scattering of the ashes over a natural landscape, such as an ocean, river, stream, or ground.

Pewter, wood, and marble, are the three materials that constitute a cremation urn. The cremains are returned to the funeral home from the crematory with a certificate of cremation.

Cremation can cost anywhere between $500 and $1000. Because of the ashes to ashes, dust to dust concept, many choose cremation.
Because cremation disposes of the body quickly, the funeral service date can be more flexible. A month would not be an uncommon length of time to wait for some memorial services. Note that it is possible to be buried in one state, should cremation happen in another.
Post Office. Note that the certificate of cremation must be shipped along with ashes in order to be received at the cemetery of the new burial location.

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The Funeral Program Site offers the best selection of cremation funeral programs.

The Funeral Programs Site is a good resource for cremation funeral programs and traditional funeral program templates.

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