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Published Work

Published Photos by Bob Boudreau
Most recent items are listed in RED
On30 ANNUAL 2011:  Four page article on scratchbuilding a speeder shed.
On30 ANNUAL 2010:  Two page article with six photos in this issue.
NMRA CANADA 2010 CALENDAR:  First page of calendar.
Article on “repowering” a 44 ton diesel, May 1992;  Cover article on CN and CP RS-18 diesels, February 1993;  Cover article on a free lanced FN center cab diesel,  August 1993;  Making a CP Rail Auxiliary Train, November 1993; Cover article “End of the Line” diorama, June 1995; Cover article on Lomax Lumber modules, October, 1995;  Article on a kitbashed rotary plow in the December 1995 issue; CP power pack container building article with drawings, June 1996.  CP Scale test car article, Sept. 1996.  Cover article on friend’s “Sorry Valley Railway”, October 1996; cover article November 1996 on CN & CP snowplows. The December 1996 issue featured article on kitbashing a CN double track snowplow. CP Diesels in Black and White were the cover article in the April 1997 issue.  Product review in the August 1997 issue.  Article on making a generator for a highway trailer chassis, September 1997.  Cover December 1997 with a CN Dash 9 Diesel article.   Cover January 1998, tour of a friend’s HOn3 Crystal River Railway.  May 1998,  Layout tour, Pierre Lanctot’s Chatham Subdivision of CP, and Kitbashing a CN boxcar.  Layout tour of Keith Mader’s “Wentworth Valley System” in August 1998.   Cover article on upgrading a Walthers CN Jordan spreader, January 1999.  Kitbashing a SOO SD40-2B diesel in the October 2000 issue. Review of Walthers Rotary snow plow in the June/July 2000 issue.  Building a CP SD40-2 with "Elephant Ears" hoods, March 2005.


“Model of the Month” in July and December 1983 (2 pages);  “Mansfield Junction” article October 1984;  Trackside Photos - March 1983, April 1984, July 1984, April 1985, and June 1986; Photo Contest March 1986 - Third Place;  Cover and article on FN modules July 1986;  Photo Contest March 1987 - Cover Photo & Honorable Mention;  Trackside Photo February 1989;  Photo Contest March 1989 - First Place and cover;  Cover and article on local modular club,  July 1986;  Photo Contest March 1990 - Second Place;  Photo Contest March 1991 - Third Place;  Photo Contest March 1993 - Honorable Mention;  Trackside Photo December 1993;  Article on Nashwaak Valley layout of friend Ted Grey, April 1994; Honorable Mention in Photo Contest, March 1995; “Model of the Month”, June 1995; Trackside Photo, August 1995;  “Along the Line” photos, September 1995 and April 1996.  “Building a CN C-Liner Diesel” in the April 1999 issue.  “Model of the Month” – CN double ended plow, August 1999; Trackside Photo September 1999.   Trackside Photo, July 2002.
“Forced Perspective” Photo Contest March 1984 - Second Place and Honorable Mention;  Cover and page 71, July 1984;  Boomer Trail photos October 1984, May 1987, and May 1988;  “Kitbashing Award” for an RDC-4, August 1987;  Diesel articles November 1987 and October 1988;  CP woodchip car “Protofile” December 1988;  Article “Kitbashing City Structures” January 1990;  “Those Smokin’ Diesels” Photo Contest  March 1990 - Third Place;  “The Company Photographer” column June 1990;  “Building a CN Test Load Boxcar” April 1992;   “Winter Modeling Photo Contest” April 1992 - Grand Prize for 6 photos;  Cover and “Protofile”  on CP Rail System’s new diesel paint scheme, May 1994; Boomer Trail photo, May 1996.  "Kitbashing Award" February 2006 for my business car.
Building a VIA FPA-4 in the 1990 premier issue;  articles on friend’s models in second and third issues;  Article on magazine collecting in 5th issue;  Friend’s O scale RS-3 diesel,  Nov/Dec 1991;  Cover and feature article on making a CP C-Liner diesel, Feb/Mar 1992;  2 model and 1 prototype photos in May/June 1992;  Cover article on making a CN snow plow, Feb/Mar 1993;  Steam shovel photo in the March/April 1993 issue; Cover article on the May/June 1994 issue, of a friend’s diesel; Prototype photos in the Feb/March and April/May 1995 issues; model photos in Jan/Feb and Mar/Apr 1996 issues.  CN 250-ton crane article, April/May 1997, as well as a prototype photo.  Model plows photo, Nov/Dec 1997 issue.   Detailing a CN 6060 steam engine, May-June 2002.   Prototype photo, April/May 2004.  Model photo in Jan/Feb 2006 issue.
“NMRA’s 50th Anniversary Photo Contest” August 1986 - 4 awards;  Pike Pix March 1986; Cover May 1986;  Pike Pix May 1988 (of a friend’s layout);  “Getting Organized” November 1989;  Covers April and September 1991, January 1992;  Photo for the month of May in the 1992 NMRA calendar;  Covers May 1994,  February and May 1995, December 1996.   Cover of the 1997 NMRA Convention Trade Show Guide, July; cover August 1997,  October 1998, September 1999.  Cover Photo October 2003, (Now called Scale Rails/NMRA Bulletin)   APRIL 2004, and MARCH 2005.
Snowplow article May/June 1988;  Bucyrus steam shovel as “Blue Ribbon Model” Jan/Feb 1989;  Photo in “Gazette Gallery” Sept/Oct 1989;  Exploded Sawmill article Nov/Dec 1990;  Maine Logging Tractor, May/June 1993.
INTERMODEL MODELER’S GUIDE: (Soft cover book by Model Railroading, with reprints of previous articles).  Fall 1997.  Article on “Reefer Power” from earlier issue, also photo on rear cover.
RAILMODEL JOURNAL:   Article in the August 2000 issue on friend’s HO scale modules.
“Magic of Model Railroading” section:  2 photos in 1983 issue, 7 in 1984, 7 in 1985,  4 in 1986,  6 in 1987,  3 in 1988 and 1989,  4 in 1990,  6 in 1991,  7 in 1992,  5 in 1993,  8 in the 1994 issue spread around the catalog,  3 in the 1995 editions.  A color photo was used on the cover of the January 1995 Walthers’ dealer newsletter.  3 photos were used in the 1996 catalog.  A photo was used on the cover of their 1996 Winter Sale flyer.  The 1997 catalog had 2 photos, while the 1997 N & Z Scale catalog used four of my photos of a friend’s N scale layout, with one winning 3rd place in their contest.   The 1998 edition saw 2 photos used, one in the “Magic” section, and one at the head of the Couplers and Trucks section; the N & Z Scale catalog again used 7 photos taken of friends N & Z scale layouts.   The 1999 HO catalog featured 4 photos, one of a friend’s HOn3 layout, while the N & Z catalog had two.  The year 2000 edition featured 6 of my photos, two taken on friends’ layouts.  Four photos used in the 2001 catalog, and four in their 2002 edition, my 20th year.  I slacked off for a few years, got back into it with the 2008 edition, having two photos used.  The 2010 catalog featured two of my photos as lead pages on two of the sections, and one in the Magic section.


WALTHERS BOOKS: “Trains, Tracks & Tall Timber” (Jan. 1997) Used an illustrated article on adding a smoke generator to a sawdust burner, as well as other model and prototype photos totaling 10 in all.  “Railroading Along the Waterfront” (Jan. 1998), one prototype photo used.

Photos of models in friend’s product reviews, March and October 1996.  Photos in friend’s diesel article, June 1998.

(Canadian French language magazine) Photo January 1988 and September 1989;  Cover photo May 1988, March 1989, and June 1990;  Xmas cards printed in 1991, 1992, and 1993 winter issues.  Xmas card photo used on cover of 1994 winter issue.  Xmas cards in January 1996 and 1997 issues.
“Editors Choice” March 1983 - old moving van, November 1983 - dilapidated garage, and January 1984 - oil tank;  CP Self Propelled Welder, May 1984;  Photo posing board, June 1984; Alco diesel, July 1984; Derelict Hudson, May 1985; CP Wreck Train water car, July 1986; CN depressed center flat car, December 1986; Modernized CN & CP Steel Plows, July 1987; VIA F40PH-2 Diesel, December 1987; CN articulated grain car, February 1988; NYC jet powered RDC, March 1988;  “Modeler You Should Know” June 1989;  Pinhole Photography,  December 1990.
THE  RAILFAN PHOTOGRAPHER: Illustrated column on model railroad photography in seven issues from January 1987 to Winter 1990.

(CN SIG Magazine)  Two prototype photos in Fall 1998, Vol. 9 #1.

SCALE MODELER:   Article on building a 1/125th scale truck “Weathered Peterbilt” in  October 1983.

Photos of an HO scale Mack truck in the July/August 1984 issue.

Photo of a model of a Coast Guard helicopter, Reader Gallery March/April 1986.

Prototype steam engine photos in the January 1988 issue.

(British magazine) Canadian Navy helicopter photos, November 1990;  Canadian Army helicopter in October 1991;  Navy Silver Star jet in August 1992.

Photo Contest, March 1993 - Second Place, with a photo of my Sister in law’s dollhouse interior.

(Magazine of the C&NW Historical Society) - prototype photo in Fall 1995 issue.

Photo of a friend's S gauge steam engine, December 2003.

Photo of On30 models winning 2nd place in photo contest, July 2004 issue.


 Updated 14 February 2011