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Are you a student? Did you know that 76 universities broadcast their games on Limbaugh's station? By supporting these radio stations, they're endorsing hate speech. Please ask them to find alternative radio stations and condemn Rush's hate speech. More info here.

Hate radio supporters pay "shock jocks" like Rush Limbaugh to legitimize their own viewpoints in the public eye. While many public figures laugh it it off as "Rush is Absurd" or respond "It's not the language I would have used" -- make no mistake: Rush's sharp hate speech softens the blow for intolerant speech that masquerades itself as "less biased," but often quite similar to the prejudice that Rush Limbaugh promotes. 

Whether you've agreed with Rush a few times, never listened to him, or have been outraged by his "Slutgate" scandal and his latest round of race-baiting in the Trayvon Martin news story, 
Rush Limbaugh makes all Americans appear intolerant with his brand of wide-ranging bigotry

Unapologetic corporate media and politically motivated businesses use a flood of money to clog public radio frequencies. The result is public radio filled with extreme sexism, racism, bigotry, and outright lies. They buy time on public broadcasts of syndicated hate radio, also making it difficult for smaller and often more diverse radio voices, to afford to reach the audience that wants to hear them. Using public radio space to promote hate speech hinders social progress across not only America, but other progressive democracies worldwide. Let's set an example and say, "Hate speech is not American radio!" 

And yes, there are people and corporations funding this brand of hate speech. Many of them are fully aware of the speech they are supporting. Please help stop Rush Limbaugh's efforts to make bigotry, misogyny, and race baiting more "socially acceptable" and appear as common, accepted views of middle America.


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Just a Smattering of Sexist Rush Limbaugh Quotes

"I inherited a vitriolic world the minute this guy [Obama] was elected" 

                          - Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh's Slutgate Scandal Talk "A Normal Day-to-Day of Talk Radio" - Bob Pitman, Clear Channel CEO