We are now well into the age of big data. Almost every domain, be it commerce, medicine, engineering, science, or even sports is being inundated with technologies that produce data. (Hawk-Eye is just one such sports technology that produces so much visual data that, when combined with some simple data processing tools, can help us understand many subtleties in the game.) Grappling with Big Data (or data science, if you seek a more sanitized term) requires a mix of ideas and technologies drawn from several disciplines --- and computer science clearly plays a pivotal role. Even within computer science, there are many different facets to the way we impact data science. The number of courses in our own department that relate to data science is a testament. This brings us to....

Our Big Question

What can theoretical computer science bring to the data science table?

To truly answer this question will be too gargantuan a task and well beyond the scope of a single course. So we will pick a few really neat ideas --- neat at least to me --- that have either already made a big impact or hold a lot of promise.

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