Monday 7 September 2015


10.30–11.00            Arrival, tea and coffee

11.00–12.00            Jasmin Raissy (Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III)
                              Wandering Fatou components in dimension two
12.00–12.30            Sam Morley (University of Nottingham)
                              F-differentiable functions on compact plane sets
12.30–13.00            Everett Kropff (Imperial College Lonodn)
                              The Schottky-Klein prime functions; a practical tool for potential theory 
13.00–14.25            Lunch
14.25–14.30            Discussion of next year's meeting
14.30–15.00            Zinaida Lykova (Newcastle University)
                              Complex geometry of the symmetrised bidisk
15.00–15.30            Katie Gittins (University of Bristol)
                              The heat content of a polygon
15.30–16.00             Break   

16.00–16.30            Stergios Antonakoudis (University of Cambridge)
                              Fixed point theorems for holomorphic maps on Teichmuller spaces


16.30–17.30             Dmitry Belyaev (University of Oxford)
Fine structure of harmonic measure and random fractals 

Held at De Morgan House, London 

Supported by the London Mathematical Society.

Organised by Davoud Cheraghi (Imperial College London).