Monday 1 September 2014


10.30–11.00            Arrival, tea and coffee

11.00–12.00            Nuria Fagella (Barcelona)
                             How to access infinity from the Fatou set

12.00–12.35            Matthew Jacques (Open)
Composition sequences of Möbius maps

12.35–13.10            Rod Halburd (UCL)
                             Meromorphic solutions of differential equations

13.10–14.40            Lunch
14.40–14.45            Discussion of next year's meeting
14.45–15.20            Stephen Gardiner (UCD)
                             Universal Taylor series and potential theory

15.20–15.55            Thomas Kecker (UCL)
                              Hamiltonian systems with movable algebraic singularities

15.55–16.15             Break

16.15–17.15             Lasse Rempe-Gillen (Liverpool)
Arc-like continua, Julia sets of entire functions, and Eremenko's conjecture  


De Morgan House, London 

Supported by the London Mathematical Society.

Organised by Dave Sixsmith (The Open University).