Monday 19th September 2005, in the Chemistry Auditorium, University College, London, 20 Gordon St., WC1H 0AJ.


10.30 COFFEE

11.00-11.40 Darren Crowdy (Imperial) New Formulae for Schwarz-Christoffel Mappings to multiply-connected polygonal Domains

11.45-12.25 Alastair Fletcher (Warwick) Local Rigidity of infinite-dimensional Teichmueller Spaces

12.30 LUNCH

13.55 Date of next meeting

14.00-14.40 Tom Tyler (University of Greenwich (retired)) The Hadamard-Hayman Constant

14.45-15.25 Giannis Platis (Durham) Developments on complex hyperbolic quasi-fuchsian Space

15.30 TEA

16.00-16.40 Jim Langley (Nottingham) Integer Points of Entire Functions

16.45-17.25 Edward Fraenkel (Bath) Resolution of a Question concerning the Entry of a Wedge into Water

17.30 Close

The meeting was supported by The London Mathematical Society.

  • The meeting was organised by: Anthony O'Farrell.

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