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-Reading Assessment

-Text Levels

-Phonological Awareness

-P.A.S.T. Assessment


-Readers Workshop

-Mini Lessons

-Reading Response Logs

-RW Pictures

-RW Charts & Graphs

-Home Reading

-Book Clubs

-Parent School

-HOTS Fans

-Strategy Cards

-Word Study

-Making Words

-Enrichment Units


-Reader's Theatre


-Writers Workshop

-Lucy Calkins

-Centers Blacklines

-Center Signs


-Poetry Folder Poems

-Shared Reading



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 Picasa Web Albums are



 Our Class Promise, inspired from D. Miller


Carson Dellosa Word Family Cards



     MW Lessons come from this book



I created my RW mini-lessons from this book.


Our Word Wall Words and Word Work lessons come from this book. 




Reading Assessment/Reading Levels

Alternate Benchmark Assessment - Arkansas

Reading Assessment from The Teachers College in NYC

Leveled Book List for Parents-c/o Columbia University

Reading Level Benchmark Chart

Book Levels on Scholastic Book Wizard

Audio Tour of Scholastic Book Wizard

Reading Snapshop Form

Concepts of Print

Rigby Benchmark Kit

Developmental Reading Assessment

Fox in the Box Literacy Assessment

NC DPI K-2 Literacy Assessment

DIBELS Intervention Electrified

Phonological Awareness & Phonics

Sounds in Action by Yvette Zgonc is the original source of the P.A.S.T. Assessment.    Once you determine a student's weak areas of phonological awareness, Ms. Zgonc recommends activities to strengthen weak areas. 

P.A.S.T. Assessment - Recording Sheet

P.A.S.T. Assessment - Teacher Task Cards

P.A.S.T. Assessment - Scoring & Guidelines

P. A. Activity Cards

Word Play Lesson Template

Phonemic Awareness Yellow Book

Scope & Sequence, Ideas & Activities

Reading Skills Pyramid

Skills Sequence

Index Picture Cards

64 Phonological Awareness Lessons

Elkonin Boxes

Elkonin Boxes

Phonics Worksheets

Kelly's Open Court Phonics Resources

b and d confusion


 The following free, ready to use centers are provided for educators for immediate use, by the Florida Center for Reading Research, and available as pdf downloads in the areas of Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.  Once you follow the links below, scroll down the page to access the center activities. Once there, if you click on the Introduction and Contents link, it will list the activities by name for each reading area.

Student Center Activities: K-1148 centers

Student Center Activities: 2-3170 centers

Student Center Activities: 4-5134 centers


Essential Strategies for Struggling Readers


The following two resources are from Joseph Parea of Santa Ana Unified....

Open Court Sound Spelling Cards Mat 

Open Court Key Word Charts 


Reader's Workshop-Comprehension

Readers Workshop

Reading Response Logs

My Photo Gallery on Picasa including charts & graphs

Strategy Downloads from Into the Book

Reading Snapshot Form for anecdotal record keeping

Reading Meeting Assessment

Book Titles by Theme

Book Lists to Model Strategiesby Carol

Book Lists by Strategy and Genre by Glenda NEW

Picture Books to Model Strategies by Kerry

Strategy Book List by Ginger

100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know

(New York Public Library)

Frank Serafini's Booklists

Strategy Instruction Pacing (doc)

Strategy Instruction Pacing (pdf)

Conferencing Letter & Schedule

Problem Solving Framework

Ways to Respond to Text 

Mosaic of Thought - My Book Report NEW



Nonfiction Features Notebook - NEW


LOTS vs. HOTS Comprehension Questions

 Into the Book

 Literacy Success

Ways to use Two Column Notes

 Questions for Student Connections

Story Maps to Increase Comprehension

Activities for Visualizing

 Exploring Comprehension through Retelling

Before, During and After Reading Strategies

Yearlong Plans for Readers Workshop

 -on left, click on Curriculum, then Unit Trajectories

Strategy Stuff from Busy Teacher's Cafe NEW

Reading Curriculum Calendar: K - Teachers College

Reading Curriculum Calendar : 1st - Teachers College

Reading Curriculum Calendar: 2nd - Teachers College


Graphic Organizers from Fountas and Pinnell - NEW

Forms and Resources from Fountas and Pinnell - NEW


Barrett's Taxonomy for Reading Comprehension


Mini Lessons

Setting the Stage for RW: Procedural Mini Lessons

Making Connections Mini Lessons

Mental Image/Visualizing Mini Lessons

Snippets Poems

Questioning Mini Lessons

Making Inferences Mini Lessons

Determining Importance in Non-fiction Mini Lessons

Synthesizing Mini-Lessons

Book Lists to Model Strategies


Strategy Text Labels

Schema/Making Connections Text Labels

Visualizing Texts Labels

Questioning/Predicting/Inferring Text Book Labels

Dealing with Text Difficulty Texts Book Labels

Determining Importance/Summarizing Texts Book Labels

Strategy Cards- this is front/back document that is on page 3 and 4 of this pdf.   Page 1 and 2 are the front and back of The Try Card that I use in Writer's Workshop, but they were scanned


Reader's Workshop Parent Letters

Schema/Making Connections Letter

Visualizing/Making Mental Images Letter

Inferring and Predicting Letter

Questioning Letter

Determining Importance in Non-Fiction Letter

Summarizing/Synthesizing Letter

 Reading Workshop Curriculum Maps

September - June:  WEBLINK

These curriculum maps were created and developed by a teacher in California, Juli Kendall.  The maps are included in a list format with other great RW resources above and below the Reader's Workshop Curriculum Maps.  

Guided Reading

My Guided Reading Lesson Video

Retelling Framework for Oral Retelling-fiction

Retelling Framework for Oral Retelling-nonfiction

Cut-Up Sentence Homework Directions - laminate

to the cover of a manila envelope

Guided Reading....what the research says......

The very term "guided" suggests a type of instruction that would be less about modeling and more about coaching. It's less about the teacher showing a child how to use a strategy and more about providing support as the child uses the strategy. This is critical when research reveals that the frequent use of "coaching during reading" may be one of the most significant distinctions between highly effective schools and moderately or less least effective schools (Taylor, Pearson, Clark, & Walpole, 1999).

Denver Public Schools - C&I Dept.

Denver Public Schools  - Curriculum and Instruction Department: Elementary Literacy Program-click here

(tons of resources at this district website, this is the school district when Debbie Miller was still in the classroom, before she went out onto the workshop and conference circuit)

Elementary Planning Guides K-12

Literacy Block Class Book

Living the Writer's Life Unit: Grade 1

Models for Guiding Dev. of Critical Thinking

Parent Book Clubs

With many children needing help with orally retelling of books that either they have read or books that have been read to them, I started having parent book clubs for guided retelling.   Parents either choose a book of their own or ask for one, then read to a group of students.   Together, they talk about story elements, character names, setting, author's message and connections as well as strategies for when they get stuck during retelling or "can't remember."

Retelling Book Club Letter

Higher Order Thinking

Several teachers have asked me about these HOTS fans (acronym for Higher Order Thinking Skills).   They were made in the Print Shop of one my former districts in San Luis Obispo, CA)   I have not been able to order them since, but the could be made.    They are approxiamately 1" x 4" in size.  There are six colors with three questions per HOTS.   They are attached with a brad.  

HOTS Fans Questions

Marzano's Question Stems

Marzano's Dimensions of Thinking Model

Word Study

 phonics + spelling patterns + vocabulary = Word Study

Word Work Pacing

Working with Words Block M-F

Word Wall Word Sheet

Lightning Words

Word Chunks and (pdf)

Word Wall Sentences for Dictation - beg. WWW 14

Word Work Parent Info Letter

Word Wall Word Chants










WWW 10

WWW 11

WWW 12

WWW 13

WWW 14

WWW 15

WWW 16

WWW 17

WWW 18

WWW 19

WWW 20

WWW 21

WWW 22

We also use this set of word family cards from Carson Dellosa.   They are available online for $16.95.    We introduce one or two a week as it fits in with the Word Wall Words.    For example, during www1, we introduce the -at cat card, and the -y cry card because my and at are introduced to the word wall.   Then, in www2, we bring out the -ay hay card, and the -am jam card because play and am are word wall word that week.

"Making Words" - Word Sorts

I do at least one Making Words lesson per week.   I choose lessons from Patricia Cunningham's book called Making Words.    I do not follow the book in order.   I pick lessons that may contain a word chuck or word family that we are currently working on.    I also photocopy and reduce the lesson from the book so the entire lesson fits on the outside of a 6x9 manila envelope.   Inside the envelope are the words and letters to make the mystery word.    To the left, is a picture of an envelope for a Making Words lesson for "goldfish."

Here are some others, not from her book:

Making Words for Earth

Making Words for friends

Making Words for Safety

Making Words for smart

Word Sorts from Davis Elementary - NEW

More Words Sorts from Davis Elementary - NEW

Enrichment Literature Units

This year, I have some very high readers who need and deserve more enrichment opportunities, more often.   So, out of necessity, I have begun to create Enrichment Units to match the book titles in our Guided Reading book room.    The first book the kids worked on was Stellaluna, a level 24-25 book.   I was able to find a pre-made unit at our local teacher supply store, but I have been unsuccessful finding any more for the book sets we already have.    So, the next book they are working on is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, a level 22-23.    They work with me on the first day of the book and we do some pre-reading strategies together.   Then, on day 2-3, they read it on their own, but the 5 of them like to sit together.   They then come back to me and I introduce the following pages, which are stapled together, it's called their Reading Contract.

 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Sheets

Cover Sheet

Thick & Thin Questions

Story Wheel


Plus Delta Chart

3 Funny Things

A New Ending

Vocabulary Words

Make a Word Search

Weather Forecast

The Food Pyramid

Home Project

If You Decide to Go to the Moon

Cover Sheet

Questions for Discussion


Plus Delta Chart

3 Questions

Vocabulary Word Study

ABC Order

Make a Word Search

A New Way to Get There

Trip to the Moon Checklist

Fiction/Non-fiction Features

Map of the Moon

Chicken Sunday

Cover Sheet

Thin & Thick Questions

Vocabulary Word Study

Make A Word Search

Story Wheel

Cause & Effect

Changing Your Opinion

Set the Table

Character Description

Map of Russia


Meet the Author

Home Enrichment Project Page



Research-based Fluency Interventions  - NEW

Reader's Theatre

Snowmen at Night

Wilifrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

My Rotten Redhead Older Brother

The Ghost Eye Tree

The Grasshopper and the Ants

45 Reader's Theatre Plays

Gingerbread Man Unit

We having spending time reading different versions of the Gingerbread Man.    We read The Musabi Man, the English version and the New York City version.   We have been creating a class chart with student illustrations and captions.     We also read The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett, and a letter from the Gingergread Man fell out of the back of the book while we were reading it.    We also wrote back to him.   Some of the blacklines for the activities are listed below.

Letter from the Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man Problem Solving

Gingerbread Man Cookie Sheet(use w/ pr. solv. sheet)

Candy Houses Home Letter

Letter to the Gingerbread Man

Story Map

3 Gingerbread Man Story Structure Chart - pic.

Vocabulary Instruction

Marzano's Six Step Lesson Design

Text Talk Lessons

Text talk vocabulary lessons were introduced to me by a good friend with whom I taught at PK Yonge in Florida, Lisa Worthy.   She is the lesson designer of several of the text talk lessons below, but it was she that inspired me to explicitly teach new vocabulary words to children every week using favorite read-aloud books.    For a deeper understanding of text talk lessons, read this book by Beck called Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction.

Text Talk

Designing Explicit Vocabulary
Instruction after Reading a Text

Step 1The teacher chooses 3 words to explicitly teach.

Step 2The teacher uses the word in the context of the story, article or book. (Share a sentence from the story)

Step 3The teacher provides a student-friendly definition.
The children are asked to repeat/read the word.

Step 4The teacher provides examples in contexts other than the one used in the story.

Step 5The children interact with examples or provide their own examples.
The children are asked to repeat/read the word.
Repeat steps 2-5 for all words.

Step 6The teacher develops concluding and/or practice activities for all words presented.

Adapted from: Bringing Words to Life by Isabel Beck, Margaret McKeown, and Linda Kucan

Benjamin McFadden and the Robot Babysitter

A Bad Case of Stripes

Bats on the Beach

Chicks and Salsa

Ace Lacewing: Bug Detective

Move Over, Rover

Text Talk Lesson Template - if you want to write a lesson using a familiar text and email it back to me, I'll post it here for everyone to use. 

Click Clack Moo by Deb Green

Text Talk Lessons from U-46 Curriculum Roadmap

An Extraordinary Egg


Sheila Rae, The Brave

Alexander and the Terrible... Very Bad Day

Chester's Way

The Ghost Eye Tree

The Paper Bag Princess

The Patchwork Quilt

The Old Woman Who Named Things


101 Text Talk Lessons - Utah Reading First 

Writer's Workshop

Lucy Calkins' Units of Study

Lucy Calkins Units of Study.  Click on each unit to read the session title for the daily lessons:

1.Launching Writers Workshop

2.Small Moments: Personal Narrative Writings

3.Writing for Readers: Teaching Skills & Strategies

4.The Craft of Revision

5. Authors as Mentors

6. Non-fiction Writing: Procedures & Reports

Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages

Sample Track Schedule

The following links are month by month summaries of the Lucy Calkins as adopted by New York City Schools involved in the Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project.

Kindergarten Writing Curriculum

First Grade Writing Curriculum

Second Grade Writing Curriculum

Third Grade Writing Curriculum

Fourth/Fifth Writing Curriculum

Writers Workshop Masters & Mini-Lessons

Monthly Journal Covers

First Quarter Writing Rubric Scoresheet

My Personal Dictionary

Revising and Editing Symbols Chart

Books that Spark an Idea

Writing Paper

When My Head Is Empty List (pdf)

Words Instead of Fun (pdf)

December Word Bank  (doc)

November Word Bank(pdf)

December Word Bank(pdf)

Try Card - run on colored cardstock, double-sided 

Writer's Workshop Mini lessons by Jessica Meacham

Writer's Workshop Mentor Texts by Jessica Meacham

Developmental Stages of Writing

Writer's Workshop Folder Cover Labels

character Words Sheet

End of the Year Journal Cover Letter

During Writer's Workshop, after about a month into first grade, I introduce the Necklaces.   There are 4 different "jobs." 

Author's Spotlight (doc) or (pdf)

Teacher's Table (doc) or (pdf)

Writer's Basket (doc) or (pdf)

Independent and Responsible (doc) or (pdf)

To make the necklaces, print the above jobs on sheets of white cardstock, cut apart, and laminate, 2-hole punch at the top and string to necklace length.

Each child has one of each kind, there are name labels on the back of each necklace.  The organization of this system is paperless, you do not need to keep track of who has done what, because by the end of the week, everyone will have done each job.    The word "job" is not exactly the right word, moreso, it tells the students either was to do during Writers Workshop or what to do at the end of Writers Workshop.   Either way, no matter what job they do, there is built-in accountability to do a good job because, if you are Author's Spotlight, you will get up in front of the class and read what you wrote to the class.  If you are Writer's Basket, you will place your paper/journal in my basket to the left of my desk, where I will read it and make comments to you.  If you are Teacher's Table, you will come to my table for a conferring.  When I conference with students I always give them two things, one compliment (a positive) and one wish (an area I want them to work on).    Independent and Responsible is kind of a placebo job, but the kids think it's important and I tell them that everyone is counting on them to look and act like writers, so they better be good role models.   At the end of the Writers Workshop period, all necklaces are placed in a separate "out of rotation" (green) basket and resorted when all the necklaces are used for the week. This job assignment system for Writer's Workshop was shared by Marisa Ramirez, a teacher at my former school.  The system may not work for everybody, but we've had success with it.  

131 Mini-Lessons by Jessica Meacham

Writers "To Do" Checklist by Jessica Meacham

Mentor Texts for Writers Workshop by Jessica Meacham


My Center Signs - updated

Writing Center Cards

Rime Cards

Measurement Center

ABC Order October

ABC Order  November

ABC Order December

ABC Order January

ABC Order February

ABC Order March

ABC Order School Words

ABC Order Camping

ABC Order Template(doc)

Book Order Sort

Double Consonant Hunt

Pocket Chart Center

Nouns Book Sort

Syllable Sort

Vowel Book Sort

Word Family Scavenger Hunt

Write the Room

Write the Room - Math Words

Write the Room - Math Words Sample

Write Stamp Read

Pocket Chart Center Sheet

Listening Center Response Sheet -fiction

Listening Center Response Sheet - non-fiction

Scientist Observation Log Sheet

First Grade Center Posters (North Carolina)

There is also a ton of great Literacy Center ideas on the web, at,, and   Some of their ideas are listed below:

Shopping list

Shopping list 2

To Do List

Chores Pics

Listening Post Response Sheet

Listening Center Response Labels

Write the Room by # of Letters

Letter/Sound Search

Letter Finds  - how?

Poetry Folder Poems

Millions of People


Keep A Poem In Your Pocket

When I Was One

In Autumn

Here Comes Johnny Appleseed

I'm A Little Spider

The Old Scarecrow

When Daddy Carves the Turkey

Pumpkin Seeds

The Pumpkin on the Vine

Five Little Pumpkins

A Thanksgiving Dinner

The Gingerbread Boy

The View from Above



Little Groundhog

White Rabbit


Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Shared Reading

Shared Reading Overview