Delicious home made Japanese food.

Class Schedule(Menus have been updated)

Class1: May 9th Sushi rolls (Possible Vegetarian)
You may wonder if you can make your favorite California rolls at home. After taking this class, you can put any ingredients on Sushi rice and roll it up. This is great appetizer to add your home parties.

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Class2:May 23rd Vegetarian dishes with Miso soup
Tasty vegetarian dishes using Tofu, sesami seeds, soy sauce.

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Class3: May 30th(Tentative: Subject to availability of the kitchen),Rice, Miso soup, Simple Teriyaki Chicken and/or Tofu, and salad
Learn to make your own Japanese Teriyaki source for quick fixes along with basics of cooking rice and Miso soup.

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Class4: June 6th(Tentative: Subject to availability of the kitchen),Donburi. (Egg and chicken / Beef/Vegetarian Rice bowl)
This class gives you new ideas to create your own delicious meal from something from your fridge. Donburi is a  simple and filling Japanese rice dish which people in Japan love to eat. 

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Classes Coming soon

  • Udon and Soba Noodle soup

You will learn to make your own delicious Japanese Noodle soup stock

  • Tempura
Tempura without store-bought Tempura batter.
  • Katsu (Tonkatsu and Vegetables deep fries) and side dish.
Tonkatsu is battered deep fried pork. You will learn to use Panko and cook crispy Katsu.
  • Sukiyaki

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