Sushi Rolls for everyone

Learn to make healthy and tasty Sushi at home.
Sushi Rolls step by step
  • Learn how to prepare and make Sushi rice.
  • Learn to make Sushi rolls.
  • Learn how to make low cost and very delicious your own Sushi rolls
  • Instruction is tailored to your skill level, including basic techniques to complicated full course Japanese meals.
  • Have fun learning to cook with your friends
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        Group or Individual lessons

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Other classes:
  • Basic Japanese cooking: Using Japanese ingredients by making rice, Miso soup,Teriyaki chicken/Tofu with Salad.
  • Donburi (Japanese Rice Bowl)
  • Sushi Class to learn how to roll Sushi rice to make tasty California rolls and your homw.
  • Japanese Udon soup made with Bonito, dried sardines, and kelp. Use the second soup stock to cook rice and vegetables.
  • Tempura and Backwheat noodle soup.
  • Vegetarian Japanese way. Cooked vegetables and Tofu dish and soup stock without fish. (Not yet but coming soon.)
    Design special class upon your requests


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