What is Crossroads Academy?
Crossroads Academy is our program directing our summer youth and children's ministry internships. 

What is the purpose of the Crossroads Academy?
The purpose of Crossroads Academy is to introduce graduate and under-graduate students to the field of youth and children's
ministry through classroom training, mission outreach, mentoring, and demonstration.

Who is eligible to apply to Crossroads Academy?
Eligibility is open to all graduate and under-graduate students between the ages of 18-25 years old.  The
applicant must be a member of FUMC Slidell, LA for at least one year and agree to have a background check
completed upon submission of their application.

How do you apply for Crossroads Academy?
To apply simply fill out the below registration application.  Attach the application to your written
answers to the questions (the questions are contained within the application) and submit both to the
youth pastor no later than March 31st of year in which you are applying.
All applications will be reviewed and the selections will be made by the youth pastor and the
children's minister in conjunction with the Youth Advisory Team.

The application is in MS Word format.  If you need a different format for the application contact Bruce Weber at bweber@firstumcslidell.org.

What are the expectations of summer intern?
All students selected to participate in Crossroads Academy (for hereon referred to as interns) will be expected
to attend 5-7 formal classes in youth and children's ministry conducted on the church campus.  Interns will also
be expected to read two assigned ministry books to help expand their knowledge of these fields.  Additionally, each
intern will select a specific mission within youth or children's ministry to work throughout the summer.  All
interns will be expected to give one devotional talk to our students during the summer months.  All interns will be
invited to attend all summer activities of our youth group including our summer trips free of charge. Upon
completion of the program, interns will receive a certificate reflecting their success in the internship program.

Will there be any pay associated with the intern positions?
Interns will have their books, materials, and trips paid for by First United Methodist Church of Slidell, LA.  If funds
are available, one or more of the selected interns may be asked to join the staff on a more permanent basis to help
youth and children's ministry throughout the normal work week.  All salaries will be addressed if and when that
invitation is given.  Currently for calendar year 2018 we do not expect to offer any salary positions to interns. 

What if I still have questions?
If you have any questions about the application or selection process of Crossroads Academy, please contact
the youth pastor, Bruce Weber, at bweber@firstumcslidell.org.