Practice Files - Go Sing It on the Mountain

Files for "Go Sing It on the Mountain" are below. You can play the files on your computer using this page. If you prefer to download MP3s to your computer, find the appropriate page on the left sidebar. 

If you want to hear a full recording with all the parts and instruments you can listen to it here:   Youtube Go Sing It on the Mountain

Rise O People BASS

A Child is Gonna Come BASS

Call His Name Jesus BASS

Angel Band BASS

Hush Little Baby BASS

Go Sing it BASS

Star Eternal BASS

Scottish Worship Carol BASS

Joyous Noel BASS


Rise O People TEN


A Child is Gonna Come TEN

Call His Name Jesus TEN

Angel Band TEN

Hush Little Baby TEN

Go Sing it TEN

Star Eternal TEN

Scottish Worship Carol TEN

Joyous Noel TEN