In 1857 there were 30,000 men idle on the streets of New York.  Drunkenness was rampant, and the nation was divided by slavery.  God raised up a praying businessman, Jeremiah Lanphier. On September 23, 1857 he began a noontime prayer meeting on Fulton Street in the Financial District of Manhattan. Out of a city of 1 million people, six people showed up a half hour late.

The group decided to meet the next week and there were 14. The next week there were 23. The following week there were 40. Within weeks there were thousands of business leaders meeting daily.  God moved so powerfully that the prayer meeting spread across the nation.  It is estimated that nearly 1 million people were converted out of a national population of 35 million, including 10,000 weekly conversions in New York City for a season.

Between 1860 and 1920, as answers to the prayer, the Evangelical Social Movement was birthed including  the Bowery Mission, the McCauley Street Mission, Salvation Army (begun in London), and the Student Volunteer Movement. Between 1865 and 1900 more African Americans came to Christ than any other ethnic group in North American history.   This is our heritage.  This is the legacy we hope will infuse the hearts and imaginations of Christs’ followers for decades to come!  


Online Registration is now closed.  Registration will be available on site at the Hilton.  Registration opens on Friday at 4:00 PM and on Saturday at 8:00 AM

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Bus Tickets             

Bus tickets are no longer available for purchase online.  There will be a limited number of tickets available on site.

For the Saturday Citywide Prayer Meeting at Christian Cultural Center, Brooklyn - round trip bus tickets (includes box dinner) will be available to conference attendees.  This will be for a round trip fare from the Hilton Hotel to the Christian Cultural Center ($20). 

 Learning Tracks
Connect and share with other like-minded individuals and practitioners.  Choose among six dynamic tracks.

Plenary Sessions

The opening dinner and plenary meeting on Friday evening will feature Dr. Tim Keller, one of New York’s leading
urbanologists.  The Saturday morning plenary includes speakers such as Dr. Henry Blackaby and Dr. Jack Hayford.  Sunday afternoon the conference will conclude with an inspirational talk from Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook.

Fellowship - Prayer - Networking

As we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Noon Prayer Meeting on Fulton Street, prayer will occupy an important part of our time together.  Saturday night, Believers from the Greater New York region and from across the country will gather for a citywide prayer meeting in Brooklyn at the Christian Cultural Center, featuring an address by Dr. A.R. Bernard.

Historical Tours
There will be opportunities to visit the
historic sites in lower Manhattan where the first prayer meeting began, as well as other important locations, such as Ground Zero