Amanda Aikman, Joyfulness Speaker

"Thank you for your fun energy, your smiling and laughing, 
and your loving contributions as our theme speaker 
at our week-long retreat.  
I know people were stretched and inspired and will go forth with a 
renewed commitment to bringing/ adding/ finding/ keeping joy in their lives."

-- Sonya (Dean, Eliot Institute, NaramataBC)

Amanda is a witty, eloquent and highly interactive speaker based in the Seattle area.  She has twenty years' experience speaking to groups as small as 30 and as large as 500.


Amanda has presented her Full-Spectrum Joyfulness program to highly diverse groups in Washington, New York, Alaska, and British Columbia via speeches, workshops, classes, and personal consultations -- and to an international audience via her online classes.


Her talks and workshops are based on current studies in happiness science (hedonics), from which Amanda has developed the quickest, easiest, and most effective techniques for creating joyful experiences in the present moment.




Amanda gears her presentations to the needs and interests of a particular audience, and adapts to changing circumstances quickly and gracefully. 


She has developed this program with the sole aim of helping people experience many joyful moments -- in even the most stressful of times -- through simple, immediate, fun practices.  

Amanda wrote her book, Full-Spectrum Joyfulness:  Easy-to-Remember Games, Songs, and Practices for Creating More Joy in Your Everyday Life (Spirit of Life Publishing, 2010) in response to many requests from participants who wanted to continue these practices on their own. 

Amanda has won over a dozen national writing contests, including a Templeton Award and the prestigious Borden Award.  

One of her plays was a finalist in a national playwriting competition. 

Amanda has worked in advertising, marketing, grant writing, non-profit administration, ministry and publishing while developing her corporate speaking and workshop career.