About Full-Spectrum Joyfulness

"Working at a homeless shelter can sometimes be depressing. 
Amanda offered our staff and board tricks we can use to keep a positive attitude
and see the joy in our work and our lives.  Thanks, Amanda!"

-- Marie Marchand, Executive Director, Friendship House
(Mount Vernon, WA),
June 2011

Dear Friend,

 The more I study, practice, and teach joyfulness, the more I'm convinced that our whole North American culture is arrayed against real joyfulness, and that creating it for ourselves is a profoundly countercultural act.

 Quite a few good folks have asked me whether this emphasis on joy isn’t hedonistic and self-indulgent, and shouldn’t we be saving the world instead? 

 My reply is that when we are joyful, we are more creative, positive, and friendly -- and it’s easier to recruit others to our good causes when we’re projecting delight and confidence instead of gloom and fear.

 And besides, it has been demonstrated in at least one large-scale study that joyfulness is contagious – that your cheeriness can create positive ripples throughout your whole neighborhood, even among people you don’t know.





To empower ourselves to create our own joy in virtually any circumstances is revolutionary. 

 If you don’t need to buy, fear, subscribe to, conquer, or compete with anything or anyone to create your own joy – well, heck, civilization as we know it might come to an end, and we might start living with sanity, harmony, sustainability, and balance at last.

Joyfulness is our name for those reliable, practical attitudes and activities that make us feel good right now, in this moment.  Add enough of these joyfulness attitudes and activities into your life, and it's like adding yeast to dough -- eventually, the whole loaf is going to rise.

 If you'd like to be more joyful, there are some very simple things you can do -- without having to do very much of anything except practicing some fun and easily learned techniques that you can put into action as you go about your everyday life.

 To be happy in the present moment, people need a variety of joyfulness experiences.  If we don't have that variety, we keep on floating back down to our happiness set-point. 

 Unfortunately, too many of us limit ourselves to one or two sources of joyfulness, instead of taking advantage of the abundance of joyfulness sources that surround us.

The Sources of Joyfulness can be sorted into seven general categories, to remind us of this abundance.


"Full-Spectrum Joyfulness" uses the visible-light spectrum as a simple device to help us remember these seven categories, which in turn remind us of the many Sources of Joyfulness that are available to us at any time or place.

If you or your organization would like to get a jolt of Joyfulness – a set of simple tools that will empower you to create your own joy any time and anywhere, good news! Full-Spectrum Joyfulness is for you!  You can read my book, receive individual joyfulness consults in person or on the phone, or arrange a class, keynote address, or workshop.

 If what you’re looking for isn’t in this simple website, please contact me.  We’ll chat.  It’ll be great.

 Wishing you joy,

 Amanda Aikman