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Movie Title :Teen Wolf

Teen discovers that puberty for him means he turns into a werewolf. One of the beneficial side effects is that it also turns him into a topnotch basketball player. But will his notoriety cost him his friends and can he find true love?

Year : 1985

Genres : Fantasy Comedy

Rating [imdb] : 5.30

He always wanted to be special... but he never expected this!

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Actors : Michael J. Fox=Scott Howard James Hampton=Harold Howard Susan Ursitti=Lisa 'Boof' Marconi Jerry Levine=Rupert 'Stiles' Stilinski Matt Adler=Lewis Lorie Griffin=Pamela Wells Jim McKrell=Vice Principal Rusty Thorne (as Jim MacKrell) Mark Arnold=Mick McAllister Jay Tarses=Coach Bobby Finstock Mark Holton=Chubby Scott Paulin=Kirk Lolley Elizabeth Gorcey=Tina Melanie Manos=Dina Doug Savant=Brad Charles Zucker=Malcolm Harvey Vernon=Old man clerk Clare Peck=Miss Mott Gregory Itzin=English teacher Doris Hess=Science teacher Troy Evans=Dragon basketball coach

Directors : Rod Daniel

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