MIKE FULLER Accepted FEC: 1109472. Candidate ID: P 60023413 as a WRITE-IN (form filed 10/17).

US Presidential candidate Mike FULLER is presenting his website about his project for America in 2016 for 2020. Mike FULLER will start to be the American Shadow President for Inauguration Day, Friday, January 20, 2017.


Welcome to my Dream that is an American one. Nobody will succeed to break our project to have our Country reinforced because it is the best Civilization on Earth, theorically, we have to improve our institutions and our population, to prevent any risk of war, we don't like our sons to die. We can change a little but too much, we don't like the revolution but to organize a nice evolution with the Army that is the masterpiece of our Country: an Army the greatest of them all on Earth.
Mike FULLER Welcome to Bob DYLAN who represents all that marvelous ideas of the young people in the 1960's that now can become reality. Lets' develop our minorities and subculture. DYLAN NOBEL PRIZE, it is the triumph of the BEATNIKS and the PUNKS and they deserve it.

Imagine Mike FULLER: A Shadow President


1. TO REINFORCE                  2. OUR CIVILIZATION

Upcoming: THE COMET, Liberal and Republican
Webletter / Newsletter #1 - 10/25

The TIME Magazine of mine is fake, TRUMP one's is fear. 
Frederic VIDAL Presidential Candidate ID: P60021870, 6/22/16 (Republican)

Last article on the social media before upgrade after a break of one week:
Before THE COMET, THE SUN FROM MIKE FULLER: I mean the best, his letter to Myspace! The Webletter THE COMET the 18 of October

Our previous press release 10/04/2016 


Hi, I'm Mike FULLER. Welcome to this brand new site. I apologize this is not totally finished and still Under Construction but you understand that to call a site FULLER RUBIO, it takes some time to complete it. You never saw me with Marco and I never saw you with him. It's an example. As a great Sciences Po, I'm buiding a pretty fine dissertation that is like a magic solution or equation to solve all our problems in America, I mean theorically. Afterwards, it's necessary to be elected President or to be listened and followed all at once (by CLINTON or TRUMP, I don't think so!). Consequently, I decided to be a SHADOW PRESIDENT including now before the election, inspired by the english model of SHADOW CABINET. I represent the opposition, the minority that does not govern. Others can name them shadow presidents. They won't be interested probably. It's a job of public service and it's a spokesman position you do your own style. I DO. Site soon more developed. Wait and see. Visit it every week. Study and meditate about my propositions. If it's not for 2017, it will be 2020. LET'S BE READY FOR THE WORST (TO LOSE), PREPARING THE BEST (TO WIN) knowing that for a Shakespeare: To Win Is To Lose, not success without hardness, no victory without some defeat inside!

Mike Universal FULLER Web
(Frederic VIDAL Candidate ID : P60021870, Count #117, FEC Form 2 filing date: 6/22/2016)

Postscrip: Previously I was building a kind of interesting Presidential campaign Library site at https://sites.google.com/site/vidalfuller2016/ 
Now we have to share together this great Platform Program site, truly FROM SHADOW TO LIGHT: https://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio/
Welcome to my dream site, like Dream Team, for a Republican New Deal this time, but not only.


Staying Self-Confident (Self Made Man) - Strong (One Man Show) / 
In Peace: On Earth (Entrepreneurship) - And Love (Win Win).
Changing The World (Reality) - Your Mind (Fiction) / 
No War Games (Weapons Trade) - Against Terror (Civilians Casualties).


Communique to the Associated Press (sent 9/25)
and Agence France Press
US Presidential candidate Mike FULLER
(previously Frederic VIDAL)
I'm informing you that I diffuse on the social media
the information that I will select
Jeb BUSH to be my
Secretary of State
if I am elected President of the United States in November. Also, I will propose to Mitt ROMNEY to be our Ambassador at the United Nations.
Regarding my Ticket, I already invited (September 13) Marco RUBIO to be the Vice-Presidential candidate.
Thank you.
Visit my brand new website:
Always my historic blog:

Communique. San Jose, California. 09/26/2016. 9:50AM PT. L&R #1 (Article from LIBERAL & REPUBLICAN). After RUBIO, JEB BUSH, ROMNEY, Mike FULLER gives the names of other personalities to be his Lieutenants in the new Administration 2017-2020. Newt GINGRICH and Rand PAUL selected for important jobs (California Governor and Ambassador in Germany). Other Republican Leaders like Ted CRUZ will continue their networking, personal and political, without the White House. Generals of the Military will be nominated to be Chief of Staff and more to compensate to replace 8 years stardom of Obama management. Colin POWELL, possible President of the Supreme Court one day and Bill GATES at the newly created Department of Culture are the last names to be revealed before November 8, Election Day at D - 42. More information: http://fredvidal.wordpress.com A second communique, today, day of the first debate between Mrs. Hillary CLINTON and Mr. Donald TRUMP will be release at 3PM PT (about judiciary issues). End of communique. For AP, AFP, more.

Communique. San Jose, CA. 09/26/2016. 4PM PT.
To INTERPOL, AP and AFP, possible more.
In a first text to INTERPOL, I told you these are ‘old friends’ from Paris and Nice who created more than a bad buzz to exclude Frederic VIDAL from Hollywood and the entire American Show Biz. Regarding politics, they didn’t succeed. I am confirming you I believe in the responsibility of Donald Trump about some defamation saying Frederic is a victim of a bad illness. His Jewish cousins in New York invited him to stay for every Passover since 93…. In 99, they had a severe dispute, then decided with doctors he was bipolar. After that, Frederic VIDAL immigration was a Citizenship success, not at all a professional one. Consequently, Donald TRUMP, from New York, is suspect to be in touch with the Haim’s and reminder of this bad obstacle (craziness) until now. Sometimes, immigrants are not welcomed. Never the Cousins wanted Vidal all year long on location. They must have a secret network nationwide. I told you about Blake LIVELY. US Senator of California Barbara BOXER sent a letter to the Homeland Security about Human Trafficking that TRUMP would organize possibly in a model agency he owns. Small is beautiful. Mike FULLER. End of the communique.

Mike FULLER Communique. ISIS, OSIRIS AND JUPITER. San Jose, CA. 09/27/2016. 1 PM PT. 1). ISIS. We need the WAR to END if we want the USA to START ARTS and WEB at a really higher level that is necessary to stop the ECONOMY CRISIS. ISIS (the word Crisis without its 2 first letters but also the name of an old Egyptian goddess) cannot be worse than the Viet Cong. The Paris Peace Accords finished the Vietnam War thanks to DIPLOMACY. It can be the same for the Post-2001 War. In 2010 already, I invited Bin Laden at CAMP DAVID to sign TERRORISM OVER. Definitely, I advice a process of peace in the Middle-East INCLUDING ISIS, no more War in progress!

2) OSIRIS (another Egyptian Goddess to compensate us). If I am elected President November 8, I will create a CULTURE DEPARTMENT in my Administration beginning April 1st. I will invite Bill GATES to manage it. We need more Silicon Valley in the District of Columbia,  one told me. It will be crucial for the Recovery of our disabled AMERICA. ARTS (Culture) in the US are the ENGINE of our ECONOMY. This one is more and more on the WEB (the so American worldwide Internet). It’s a wonderful opportunity. But no rich and growing WEB if there is this concept of WAR going on so much. So, I propose an Organization AMERICAN CULTURE DEPARTMENT (ACD) of a new type included in the Institutions with a lot of private financing to represent the SECRETARY OF THE ARTS we have the duty to get.

3) JUPITER (God of the Gods for the Romans). We live in an integrated EMPIRE (a 50 States Federation always appearing attractive abroad enough to fascinate about its expansion: CULTURE and ECONOMY only, through the WEB thanks to PEACE).  One more reason why we cannot appreciate the two candidates after this ‘first debate’, the high school teacher and her sparing partner, is that their dispute is based on a bad script and their legitimacies are partly obsolete. When Democracy (or not anymore totally this concept and reality?) send you that: two dysfunctional personalities, IMPOSED BY A PROPAGANDA all times since decades, it’s the sign we can communicate about it to find a solution. Me too, I’m different like the two others (I’m the Special Guest). I INVITED MYSELF. I’m independent. Thanks everybody, I like your press. Mike U FULLER for your consideration. Blog: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com