Drinks, Spirits & Wine

White wine 
Sauvignon Blanc Glass £4.95
Bottle £18.95
Pinot Grigio Glass Glass £4.95
Bottle £18.95
Red wine
Merlot Glass Glass £4.95
Bottle £18.95
Cabernet Sauvignon Glass £4.95
Bottle £18.95
Soft Drinks
Coke/Diet Coke/Lemonade Glass £1.80
Pint £2.80
Bottled Water 33cl £2.00
Apple & Mango J20 £2.50
Tiger Beer £3.60
Stella Half Pint £2.00
Pint £3.60
Archers £3.20
Bacardi £3.20
Gin £3.20
Vodka £3.20
Whiskey £3.20
Jack Daniels £3.20
(Mixer an extra 60p)
Hot Drinks
Filter Coffee £1.80
Instant Coffee £1.80
Decaffeinated Coffee £1.80
English Tea £1.80
Jasmine Tea £1.80
     Green Chinese Tea dried in layers of Jasmine blossom. Floral and fragrant with a sweet, mild taste 
Pu Er Tea £1.80
     Evenly twisted appearance made from aged trees with camphor fragrance. Good for digestion

This menu is subject to change, please contact the restaurant for up to date availability and prices