Our games are regularly held on each Monday (2:30-5:30pm and 7:30-10:30pm). No pre-registration is required, but you need to bring your partner. For any queries, please contact our directors Mr Simon Chan on Whatsapp (852) 92757595 or Mr Johnson Wong on Whatsapp (852) 60319232.

Recent News/Announcements

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    The New Bridge Law 2017 has been adopted. Please  call our directors should any irregularities occur. Our directors are willing to share their updates from WBF director courses.

    Please be reminded that the aim of this bridge club is to provide a harmonious environment for bridge players .  Should you find any irregularities, please call for help from our directors. 
    You only need to state the facts, NO OTHER COMMENTS are required.
    No personal comments should be made against other players, including your partner.

    We are please to announce that we are  the champion  (Section B) of the Open League 2017.

    Thanks for the contribution of  Ms Vinci Lam, 
    Mr.YC Tong, Mr. Julian Lui , Mr. Johnson Wong and Mr. Louis Chu.

    We also thank the Chairman Mr WS Chan for his support.  

    The Committee members and our directors  reserve the authority to assign the seating of the players. 

    We would like to show our appreciation to those players who are willing to contribute more and especially those players who help in cleaning up the venue after the events.

    Your help in clearing tables, packing bidding boxes, collecting the boards and cups is appreciated.

    Posted Oct 9, 2017, 7:12 PM by Johnson Wong
  • Confirmation of scores
    North South Pairs please show the scores to the East West pairs and ensure that the East West pairs  agree the scores before leaving the table. 

    The most common error is the wrong indication of the declarer, please circle the correct direction.
    Posted Sep 18, 2017, 10:16 PM by Johnson Wong
  • Learning and playing bridge with Mr Simon Chan
    The fee charged for learning and playing bridge with Mr. Simon Chan is as follows:

    Bridge Lesson

     Beginner HKD 1,000/hr
     Intermediate HKD 1,400/hr
     Advance HKD 1,800/hr

    Bridge Partner

    Pair Event      HKD 4,500 / 3hr
    Team Event    HKD 9,000 / day

    Please feel free to contact Mr Simon Chan for details.

    Email: simonybchan@gmail.com

    Whatsapp: (852) 92757595

    Posted Sep 18, 2017, 10:17 PM by Johnson Wong
  • Have a good rest if not feeling well
    We thank you for your  enthusiastic support of our club. However, please take a good rest at home if you are not feeling well.
    Posted Sep 18, 2017, 10:18 PM by Johnson Wong
  • We have games on public holidays (Mondays: morning class , afternoon and night sessions)

    Posted Sep 18, 2017, 10:20 PM by Johnson Wong
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Winners of the Week
Mon 14:30-17:30EventWinnerHand RecordsResultsPersonal Scorecard
October 16, 2017  Ricky Fung - WK Wong  Result  
October 9, 2017  Julian Lui - Edward Ng  Results  
September 25, 2017  Lincoln Yue - Simon Cheung  Result  
September 18, 2017  Marina Lee - Grace Wong  Results  
September 11, 2017  David SH Yip - Sunny Lam  Results  
September 4, 2017  John Lau - Scott Wang  Results  
August 28, 2017  Samuel Mui - Sunny Lam  Results  
August 21, 2017  FH Chow - Kit Chan  Result  
August 14, 2017  Louis Chu - Vinci Lam Hand Records   
August 7, 2017  Raymond Pei - Samson Zhang    
July 31, 2017  John Wu - CK Chan Hand Records   
July 24, 2017  KW Lee - K Lam Hand Records   
July 17, 2017  Lincoln Yue & Simon Cheung    
July 10, 2017  Julian Lui - Edward Ng Hand Records   
July 3, 2017  Jimmy Wong - MC Chu Hand Records   
June 26, 2017  Edward Ng - Julian Lui    
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Mon 19:30-22:30EventWinnerHand RecordsResultsPersonal Scorecard
October 16, 2017  Edward Ng - Danny Wong  Result  
October 9, 2017  Boaz - Tricia  Result  
September 25, 2017  Malcolm Barnett - Ma King Tang  Result  
September 18, 2017  KT Lin - KH Chainani  Result  
September 11, 2017  Belinda Chan - Kelvin Yim  Results  
September 4, 2017  Johnson Wong - Belinda Chan  Result  
August 28, 2017  Rajan - Raju Ramchndani  Results  
August 21, 2017  Alan Tsang - Tim Shum  Result  
August 14, 2017  Javy Choy - Kit Chan Hand Records   
August 7, 2017  MC Chu - PW Ho    
July 31, 2017  Jimmy Wong - Julian Lui    
July 24, 2017  Raju Ramchndani - Victor Cheng Hand Records   
July 17, 2017  Ken To - Windsor Chan    
July 10, 2017  Javy Choy - Kit Chan Hand Records   
July 3, 2017  Javy Choy - Kit Chan Hand Records   
June 26, 2017  Kishin - MK Tam    
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  • Registration: Pre-registration is not required.
  • Fee: HKD50  per person for the whole day, free for the current HK team members.
  • Winners: Fee will be waived for one time play in the following week only.
  • Mobile phones are allowed but need to be in silent mode.
  • The sessions are played in a very friendly atmosphere.
  • Results will be posted on the website.
  • Hot drinking water provided. Coffee shops are nearby and coffee can be ordered by phone.
  • No private parking is available, but public ones are nearby.
  • FBC is Run by: Mr Simon Chan, Mr Johnson Wong, Ms Vinci Lam and Ms Belinda Chan
  • Website created by: Ms Jessica Grimault

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