Adam Nichols - Belong Core Leader

Core Leaders are a team of peer leaders who serve Fuel by helping to plan trips, events, lead teams and encourage members of Fuel to grow in their Christian walk and leadership.









How did you get involved in Fuel?

I moved out to California from Texas after I graduated from Texas State University in June of 2006.  I didn't have a plan, a place to live, or a job.  I just knew I was ready for a change, so I just packed up my car with everything I could and drove out here.  Within a week of arriving my cousin brought me to Fuel.  It has been an amazing journey that God has led me on ever since then.  I began to make many great friends, and got involved on planning teams.  I started as a member of the greeting team and continued to get more and more involved and I was asked by Justin to join the Core team in August of 2007.  I thank God for putting this community in my life.

What's your favorite thing about Fuel?

My favorite thing about Fuel is the definitely the community, I think that is why I feel so strongly about the Belong value.  One thing I hear a lot from people is that they find it hard to connect with other people at other church functions they've gone to, but the community of Fuel is so open and inviting it is hard not to connect with people.  This is important to me because I believe that relationships allow us to see and feel God's love.

What is your favorite Fuel memory?

There is so many it is hard to choose, but one that sticks out is when I co-lead the Beachathlon.  We had 10 events that 10 teams competed in on the beach in Huntington.  One event was a relay race into the ocean and back while changing clothes in between and the clothes that everyone had to wear were mostly my old clothes.  I had a blast seeing all of my friends trying to put on my old wet clothes and running in and out of the ocean with them.  It is a sight I will never forget.

What's cool about you that not many people know?

I used to work as a Private Investigator when I lived in Texas.  That's right, just like you see on TV.  OK, maybe a little less mustache.  But yeah, I did the whole stakeout, tailing, researching people.  It was one of the most fun jobs I've ever had as well the most stressful.


Adam Nichols

Age: 26


Database Technician


Fort Worth, TX