Phil Casalegno - Reach Core Leader

Core Leaders are a team of peer leaders who serve Fuel by helping to plan trips, events, lead teams encourage members of Fuel to grow in their Christian walk and leadership.









How did you get involved with Fuel? 

I moved to Orange County after college for a job working in the Port of LA for a shipping company.  My sister was randomly moving to Irvine as well so we got a place together.  She found Mariners and Fusion and got me connected to Fuel.  I had been in Orange County about 6 months and was tired of the general attitude I had received from most of the people I ran into.  Fuel was exactly what I needed to find a good crowd to hang with, and  I worked every weekend so Fuel gradually became my weekly church until I could start going on Sundays. 

What's your favorite thing about Fuel or favorite Fuel moment or memory?

My first Fuel trip still stands out in my memory.  I had only been to Fuel a few times and felt the urge to go on the Estado trip (visit an orphanage in Mexico for a weekend).  This was a definite turning point in my life.  I had a blast on the whole trip, and even had a rockin time just driving there and back with the folks in my car.  I finally met some people that I could relate to and found myself suddenly surrounded with some cool people that I am still friends with.  We did alot of construction for the orphanage but still had time to play with the kids and hang out with each other.  I still share stories with the people on that trip. 

Why do you believe in your value and what has Fuel meant for you?

I am on the Reach team.  The bottom line is that after seeing what Fuel did for my perspective I definitely want to share that with others.  I also want to destroy this perception that people in the church are boring.  Trust me, I have partied with the best of them coming from the maritime industry and I have a great time with people in Fuel.  Do we party the same way?  No, but people are always surprised how much fun they can have without getting drunk or doing drugs.  

What are hobbies/favorite food/cool thing about you?
(Disclaimer: Phil didn't tell Dani anything, so this is all made up.) I can do a great Scott Bering impression. I also have the uncanny ability to re-direct roller-coasters, tell some unbelievable stories, and tan easily.


Phil Casalegno

Age: 24


Maritime Sales


Ramona, CA