Jeff Scott - Reach Core Leader

Core Leaders are a team of peer leaders who serve Fuel by helping to plan trips, events, lead teams encourage members of Fuel to grow in their Christian walk and leadership.









How did you get involved with Fuel?

Heard about Mariners Church/Fuel through the website and checked out a Thursday night.  Heard about the House Boat trip they were doing that year.  Signed up, not knowing anybody, went on the trip and met tons of cool people and made great friends I currently have today.

What's your favorite thing about Fuel or favorite Fuel moment or memory?

Favorite things about Fuel:  The people and how loving, caring, challenging, genuine, and fun everyone is.

Favorite Moment: Can't pick one specific one out of the millions, but here are a few.  Learning how to Wake Board for the first time on the House Boat trip, that one time, at Snow 20 in the jakuzzi, acting out stomp in Estado to annoy the girls sleeping below us, and almost every time I hang out with people from Fuel.

Why do you believe in the Reach value and what has Fuel meant for you?

Fuel as magnificently changed my life, improved who I am and the Christian I am.  I want everybody to experience that, so I really feel called to Reach out to singles in their 20's so they can experience God's amazing work and love in their life.

What are your hobbies and favorite food?

Hobbies: right now, it's Country Dancing (Line, 2-step, etc)

Favorite Food:  almost anything, currently on an Asian food kick

Name: Jeff Scott

Age: 27


IT Support Specialist (Computers)


Mission Viejo, CA