Workshop - 12-13 July, 2010, University of Naples “Parthenope

Facoltà di Ingegneria - Aula Magna - Level -2

Centro direzionale, Isola c4, Napoli


We are pleased to announce that the Workshop “Fuel cells in the Carbon Cycle” will be held in Naples, Italy, July 12th – 13th 2010. This dedicated workshop, open to the public but with the speakers’ floor reserved to invited specialists, is organized by ENEA and the University of Naples “Parthenope”.
The argument of this workshop is innovative, and is particularly topical in the current clime of governmental policies concerning energy supply and implementation of hydrogen and fuel cells. We believe that the potential impact of this intensive, top-quality joining of heads is very large, but we rely on your collaboration to make a successful outcome happen.

Topics covered at the Workshop include but are not limited to the following:

·         The Carbon Cycle: Overview of the contribution of carbon and fossil fuels in future (world) energy supply, GHG emissions, environmental directives

·         Overview of C-capture schemes and strategies, US, EU and Asian government programs. Role of fuel cells in th

·         ese (probably none...)

·         MCFCs as CO2 concentrators providing supplementary power: discussion of potential and review of activities in research and industry

·         Overview of MCFC status (by IEA Annex 23 – MCFC members/chairman)

·         Status and prospects of DCFCs

·         Integrated cycles coal/biomass gasification + HTFCs


Leaders in the industry across the supply chain will participate to the 2nd day round table entitled “Future and perspectives of ultralow emissions fuel cell energy systems” to share best practices, innovative technologies, global market trends, and ideas that positively shape the future of fuel cell industry.


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