taco salad

1/2 cup chopped onions
1 lb lean ground beef (or turkey)
1 Tbs taco seasoning
olive oil
1 large head romaine lettuce
1 can kidney beans--drained and rinsed
black olives (the kind in a can)
shredded cheddar or "mexican blend" cheese
girard's champagne dressing
combination of equal parts sour cream and salsa mixed into a dressing
tortilla chips
(i have an aunt that uses nacho cheese doritos and swears by it--i like tortilla strips)
Heat olive oil in a saute pan.  Cook onions until they are translucent and start to brown around the edges.  Toss in the ground beef and cook through, breaking up into pieces.  Scatter in the taco seasoning along with 3 Tbs water.  Stir to coat, let cool.  
Meanwhile, chop lettuce and toss in all ingredients into a large salad bowl...including chips.  Once the meat is cooled, toss into salad and add dressing. Serve immediately.