cranberry fluff

this is best made a day in advance

2 small tubs cool whip

1 medium can pineapple chunks in syrup

1 bag cranberries-remove 1 cup and set aside

3 TBS sugar

1 cup toasted walnuts--chopped

take the 1 cup of cranberries you set aside and  place in saucepan.  Add sugar and 2 Tbs pineapple syrup.  Cook over low heat until the cranberries begin to pop.  Remove from heat and let cool completely.  Meanwhile chop the other cranberries in half if small, quarters if larger and toss into large bowl.  Add cool whip and walnuts.  Cut the pineapple chunks in half and add to the mixture...pour in all the remaining pineapple syrup.  Add the cooled cooked cranberries and fold all together.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.