conversation hearts

1/4 oz gelatin
1/2 cup water
2 tsp light corn syrup
2 lbs powdered sugar
rubber stamp kit or food color pens

place water in a bowl and sprinkle gelatin over.  let bloom.  add the corn syrup and gently cook in the microwave until the gelatin and corn syrup have melted.  do this in 20 second intervals. mix the gelatin mixture into about 2/3rds of the powdered sugar.  knead with your hands, adding more powdered sugar as necessary until the dough is satiny and doesn't stick to the counter.  divide the dough into 6-8 pieces, coloring and flavoring as desired.  keep tightly wrapped in plastic wrap, as this dough will dry out quickly.  keep some powdered sugar on hand, in case adding color and flavor makes the dough sticky.
roll the dough out and cut with small heart cutter. 
 place on a cornstarch dusted sheet pan and let dry a minimum of 48 hours.
when ready to decorate, use food color based pens, or brush food coloring directly onto a rubber stamp with the words spelled backwards.  press the heart onto the stamp and let dry about 15minutes.  you can also paint food coloring directly onto the heart as well.