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[Feb 19] I have an open PhD position on "privacy preserving machine learning". Contact me for an informal discussion and see the application procedure here.

[Oct 18] A Python wrapper for Scitokens (token-based authz) is here.
[Mar 18] Joined SurfSara as a consultant/advisor
[Aug 17] Read about Dynamic Access Control Infrastructure (DACI) here 
[May 17] XACML-SMT journal is available, click here for the prototype

Welcome to my homepage. Though, I have to admit it is outdated and requires some rework... 

I am a security/privacy researcher and my work is centered around the design, analysis and implementation of security systems that are often tailored to access control, key management and computation over encrypted data. I also apply formal/semi-formal techniques to solve security problems (e.g. policy analysis) that arise in the context of distributed systems such as clouds.

In this page I try to summarize my current research activity, maintain a self-list for my to-dos, interesting scientific events and some miscellaneous personal information. I occasionally write in my blog (sometimes to myself as a future reference) in a rather informal way.

You can also find my Google scholar profile here...


E-mail : f.turkmen(AT)rug[DOT].nl