Interested in our 2019 Robotics Summer Workshops? Registration is now open!

2019 Flyer


  • "I want to have this camp the whole year. I actually want this instead of school. And this is going to get me more money anyway." 
  • "When is this robotics camp going to start again after it's finished? I want it to start again real soon!" . 

The Art of LEGO Robotics & Intro to FLL 

  • Who: kids grades 2-7
  • When:  August 26-30, 8:30am-12pm
  • Where: Pace University, Pleasantville Campus
  • Cost: $350 (sibling discount and scholarship available)
  • Register:  register here.

Mastering Advanced Robotics & Intro to FTC 

  • Who: kids grades 7-12
  • When: August 26-30,  1:15-5:15pm
  • Where: Pace University, Pleasantville Campus
  • Cost: $450 (sibling discount and scholarship available)
  • Register: register here.

Detailed description of the workshops
  • The Art of LEGO Robotics & Intro to FLL : For the younger kids (2-7th grades), we will offer a week of robotics fun based on the LEGO Mindstorms. We use a game-based approach to teach solid robotics foundations, engaging kids to build robots for many fun missions and teaching visual-programming skills to control the robots. Children will use motors and sensors to perform robotic tasks, such as follow a line, detect other robots, knock down balls, and more. We will introduce many STEM concepts relevant to robotics, such as gear ratios, speed/power tradeoffs, center of gravity, and PID control systems. Many children who participate in this robotics workshop, join a team themselves and we will do our best to help parents find a suitable team for any interested child.
  • Mastering Advanced Robotics & Intro to FTC: In its second year now, our advanced robotics workshop for 7-12th graders. Participants will  build larger robots using aluminum structural parts, powerful motors, servos and their own creativity. Using a kit, students will build an 18” by 18” robot of their own design to perform a competitive game played by 2 or more robots. All of the robot actions are programmed by the students using Java on Android Studio. The games are played  using wirelessly-connected game pads. This class is a great way to launch any interested kids in the exciting world of 7-12th grade competitive FTC robotics.
  • The workshops are taught by an award-winning robotics team, FTC-9773 Robocracy.  Our high-school students have successfully competed for 8 years in the FIRST Lego League and FIRST Tech Challenge. Team students and parents have years of experience of building and programming robots, as well as coaching STEM. 
Contact us at with any questions you may have. Limited need-base scholarships available.

Past offerings

3rd Annual Robocracy Robotics Summer Workshop

August 27 - August 31, 2018 

STEM Academy at Mercy College?

Looking for a bit of robotics fun on a Saturday morning in April-May 2018?
Check out our LEGO Mindstorms course!

2nd Annual Robocracy Robotics Summer Workshop

August 28 - September 1, 2017 

Team Mentors: Nicky, Zachary, Vikesh, Nikita, Alonso, Luke, Mike, Aman, Kaitlyn

What nice memories we have of all these bright kids!

1st Annual Robocracy Robotics Summer Workshop

August 29 - September 2, 2016 

Team Mentors: Nicky, Zachary, Vikesh, Nikita, Alonso