Our Mission:

We are a 4-H based FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team in Northern Westchester, NY. We were founded in 2015 by FLL veterans who wanted to continue having fun in FIRST after FLL. We had a successful rookie year in the 2015-16 FIRST Res-Q season, and then made it to the World Championship in the 2016-17 Velocity Vortex season. We also strive to bring more STEM activities to our neighboring community with diverse backgrounds, so that kids like us can also enjoy the rewarding experience that FIRST and other STEM activities promote.

Our Team Members:

Alonso Manzueta is 14 years old and in ninth grade. The high school that he goes to is LHS (Lakeland High School). This will be his second year at FTC. Alonso has very high expectations for this team because he has seen some of their skills in the Lego Robotics workshop. The Lego Robotics workshop is what got him into programming and building robots. He always loved robots, but the workshop expanded the world of robots for him and he learned about FLL and FTC teams. Some things that Alonso does outside of school are basketball, baseball, trumpet, and piano. For trumpet, he has made jazz and honors band in sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade. Additionally, he has played piano since second grade, but this year, he is going to take a break from it.
Aman Shetty is new to the team this year. He is an 8th grader at Monroe Woodbury Middle School. Aman is helping develop the glyph handler for thr robot we are making this season. Aman is very musical, playing trombone in his school band, guitar, and the Tubla Indian drums. He also performs Indian dances each year at the Helen Hayes Hospital. He is also an athlete, running on his cross country team, and playing soccer and basketball.
Arjun Dayal is a 14 year old freshman. With his previous experience in FLL with Robochaps, Arjun is confident he will fit right into the team with his coding experience. He plays the piano, along with swimming, soccer, and cross country. He also enjoys creating apps, browsing the internet, and watching TV shows. As of now, his favorite TV show is Fox 5 at 11. He is excited to be a new part of Robocracy this year and is ready to enjoy an amazing season.
David Schultz is a 15 year old 10th grader. This is his first year on FTC Robocracy and was on the FLL Team STUBBY before joining. He plays piano and guitar, and his favorite subject is math. David enjoys building with LEGO, making and watching YouTube videos, messing around with blaster toys, playing web games and Steam games such as Robocraft (ninjabiomech on Steam), and being active. He is learning various programming languages and loves building things.
Kaitlyn Junas is a 13 year old seventh grader at ESMS (East Side Middle School). Her favorite subjects are math, gym, and theater. This is her first year on Robocracy, and she is excited to learn from her teammates. She has done some programming in the past, but dealing with real robots is very new to her. Kaitlyn is also a swimmer on the Flying Dolphins at the 92Y. In her spare time, she likes to read, draw, play the piano, watch YouTube videos, browse the Internet, and play video games.
Luke Martin is a senior from Ossining, NY (northern Westchester). He is 17 years old and has a younger sister, a younger brother, and a cat. His best subject is basically all STEM-related subjects. He enjoys extracurricular activities, such as construction toys, design of various kinds (fonts, stories, games, building sets), sports (although he is not on a team), and gaming, particularly run-to-the-right or strategy games. Luke's goals for this season are to become well-acquainted with Android Studio and with the structure of programs, and to help to write programs personalized to his robot this year.
Nicky Eichenberger has been on Team Robocracy 9773 for three years; before that he was on the FLL Robobenders for three years. Nicky plays soccer for a local team. He also plays violin in several orchestras and chamber groups. He also enjoys rock climbing and hiking in the spare time he somehow manages to find. He also enjoys 3D modeling and printing fidget spinners, as well as occasionally developing an iPhone app.
Nikita Subramanian is a 16-year-old, 10th grade student at Ossining High School. She enjoys art and music and plays both the violin and piano. She and her twin brother are known for their duets. Nikita has also learned dance for the past seven years. In her spare time, she enjoys 3D modelling, art, math, writing, and reading. 
Michael Zhou is a senior at Horace Greeley HS. He is 17 years old. His favorite subjects in school are computer, science and mathematics. In his free time, Michael enjoys building with Arduino and doing projects, such as a voice-controlled and Bluetooth metronome. He is also an oboe player in school and at the Hoff-Barthelson festival orchestra, and he runs cross country and distance (mainly 1600m and 800m) in track. His goals for this year are to become accustomed to Android Studio and GitHub and hone his programming skills, help to win inspire awards for Engineering Notebook, win a FTC championship, and learn more about physics calculations and use it in problem-solving settings.
Zachary Eichenberger is in 11th grade at Horace Greeley High School. In school, his favorite subjects are math and science.  Outside of school, he enjoys swimming, skiing, and robotics. Zachary also participates actively in his school’s science olympiad teams. This is his sixth year doing a FIRST program and his third year participating in FTC. Last year, he was a co-lead in robot building and CAD. This year, he hopes to try to put more of an emphasis on using CAD software and physical testing in order to be able to make a better robot. He would like to increase our team’s use of CAD in order to streamline our design process.
Vikesh Subramanian is a 16-year-old sophomore at Ossining High School. He enjoys playing piano and violin. His favorite subjects are math and science. Vikesh likes to create DIY projects and build with Legos, and has participated in first Lego League for three seasons. Some of his personal goals include learning about the syntax for the “FTC Robot Controller” and “FTC Driver Station” apps and participating in building and programming. Some of his team goals include having the ability to collaboratively discuss optimal strategy and trying to rule out ideas that won’t work with calculations beforehand.

Deeya Patel is a 14 year old freshman. She enjoys playing basketball and volleyball and has been dancing for 10 years. Deeya has been playing the flute and piano since the age of 3, and in her spare time, she loves drawing and traveling. She has been on an FLL team for the past three years, but this is her first time being part of Robocracy and she is very excited to be a part of it.
Mitsiky is a 3 1/2 year old Coton de Tulear who has become our mascot and a wonderful distraction. He is new to being team mascot and is doing his best to make everyone smile. In fact, his name means "My Smile". His favorite hobbies are the "blow in my face" game, visiting his chipmunk holes, playing tug-of-war with his toy bunny, and just being cute.