PRINT Swerve for FTC


As an FTC team we always strive to push the competition to the next level. We have spent over a year developing our Very own swerve drive to be a viable FTC drive base. After so much time and effort spent in development, we have developed the very first fully 3d printable Swerve drive viable for FTC. Finally we have gotten this competition tested design to a stage of completion. Therefore, we are releasing this design for the benefit of the FTC community.
We provide here, everything you need to make your very own PRINT Swerve. This innovative swerve drive is entirely build out of 3D printed parts, and other COTS components. It uses high quality gears for unprecedented reliability. We use a novel “Tower” design where the drive motor is directly mounted on top of the drive to deliver the compact footprint needed for FTC robots. To our knowledge, this is the first 3D printable, nearly-indestructible integrated swerve drive, optimized for FTC use.

UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that the necessary 1/2" thunderhex flanged bearings are currently unavailable. You can instead use the equivalent radial bearings (1/2" thunderhex radial bearings) with the Tube Body Radial Bearings.stl part.
The necessary replacement part is available on here, or by following the link below.

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        If you decide to build a PRINT Swerve, or are inspired by our model to design your own, please let us know how it goes in the comments below, and share pictures of your progress! We love to see what you come up with. Share with us your feedback and your improvements! We are more than happy to offer our advice and expertise to aid you in building our swerve model or designing  your own. Please send us an email at