PRINT Swerve for FTC

FTC Robocracy is proud to release our very own, competition tested swerve drive model to the public. It is designed to be made out of only 3d printed and COTS components, with no CNC machinery required.

We provide here, everything you need to make your very own PRINT Swerve. This innovative swerve drive is entirely build out of 3D printed parts, and other COTS components. It uses high quality gears for unprecedented reliability. We use a novel “Tower” design where the drive motor is directly mounted on top of the drive to deliver the compact footprint needed for FTC robots. To our knowledge, this is the first 3D printable, nearly-indestructible integrated swerve drive, optimized for FTC use.

Laptop refurbishing

We are accepting laptops to refurbish them. We will donate reasonably recent laptops to needy students and schools in the area. Any left overs will be donated to charities. For nonworking laptops, we will repurpose the laptop batteries into usable USB chargers. To learn more about this program, click here.