FTC-Iowa 3-day Coaches Workshop

**Scroll down to the bottom for a printable-flyer and descriptions!**
It is the goal of FTC-Iowa, to have this program in all areas of Iowa. Through generous support from the Iowa Math & Science Education Partnership (IMSEP), we are excited to be able to offer a 3-day FTC Coaches Workshop and help facilitate the growth of the FTC program.

We'd love to have teachers from surrounding states participate in this opportunity! However, for out-of-Iowa coaches, there is a registration fee of $150 -- as the grant is primarily for coaches from Iowa.

The objectives of this workshop include:
  • To learn about the FTC program
  • To learn what it means to be an FTC coach
  • To gain experience using LabView and RobotC, two of the approved FTC software programs
  • Become knowledgeable about the resources available for the FTC teams throughout the season
  • Experience what it means to be on an FTC team and to build/program a robot
  • Get to know what its like to be a part of FTC
The 3-Day Workshop is solely intended for those coaches/teachers who are wanting to have an FTC team for the 2010 Season at their school. We encourage schools that are "disadvantaged" to apply: a school with a high population who participate in the "free/reduced lunch program" and/or a high ethnic minority population.

Priority will be given to schools within the State of Iowa.

Sunday, June 13 - Tuesday, June 15

Seamans Center for Engineering Arts & Sciences
College of Engineering on The University of Iowa Campus

At Mayflower Residence Hall, University of Iowa campus

24 Teachers/Coaches

For non-Iowa coaches, there is a $150 registration fee for this workshop.

Registration process:
Complete the on-line registration form (click here)
  • As you prepare to complete the registration form includes, please be willing to answer the following:
    • Basic registration information (name, e-mail, phone, school, etc.)
    • Subjects that you have taught in the past five years (science, math, language arts, PLTW, Industrial Tech, etc.)
    • % of students, at your school, who are on the free/reduced lunch program
    • % of students, at your school, who are of an ethnic minority population
    • "How do you plan to recruit women and/or under-represented students onto your FTC team?"
    • "How committed are you to working with students outside of school hours?"
  • Have your principal submit a letter of endorsement for FTC
    • We want to make sure your administration is on-board with your school having a team
    • Please follow these guidelines
      • On official school letterhead, printed into a .pdf, if possible.
      • Send it to ftc.iowa@gmail.com and have the e-mail include your name and "FTC workshop"

Once again, please register through the on-line form.

For more information about this 3-day Coaches workshop, please send an e-mail to ftc.iowa@gmail.com

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