Why You Should Join Our Organization

Incorporated in 1964, the Florida Trail Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer organization that builds, maintains, protects, and promotes the 1,400 mile Florida National Scenic Trail, one of only eight National Scenic Trails in the United States, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service. Our volunteers also build and maintain other trails on public land, known as the Florida Trail System. Our ongoing volunteer training programs ensure compliance with Federal safety standards for chainsaw and crosscut saw use, as well as introduce new trail maintainers to tools usage and preparing new Activity Leaders to plan, promote and run FTA-sanctioned activities. 
With 18 local chapters, FTA provides access to our public lands for people of all interests, educational opportunities for people to learn to appreciate and conserve the natural beauty of Florida as well as recreational opportunities for hiking, biking, paddling and camping. 
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The Central Florida Chapter maintains and is responsible for the FLORIDA NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL through Seminole Ranch WMA , C.H. Bronson State Forest, Chuluota Wilderness, Mills Creek Woodlands,  L.B. Econ State Forest , the Lower Wekiva Reserve & the south part Seminole State Forest.  An additional 25 miles of the FNST is on the Cross Seminole, Wekiva-Seminole & the Rinehart Road/ Crossings multi-use trails in Seminole County. 


The chapter also maintains side & loop trails which are a part of the FLORIDA TRAIL SYSTEM  including the  River Trail in C.H. Bronson State Forest, the Culpepper Spur trail & the Kolokee trail in the L.B. Econ State Forest,  the Lower Wekiva Loop trail in Seminole State Forest and hiking trails in the Orlando Wetlands Park & Wekiwa Springs State Park

There are plenty of fun activities for everyone to join.  Check out our newsletter for the next event.

DID YOU KNOW? The American Hiking Society named the Florida Trail in Little Big Econ State Forest as one of the top family-friendly hikes in the United States.