What do we do?

Events are regularly organized on campus by the FSSA board members, whith the help of volunteers from the community. They are usually attended by a significant fraction of the French community, and are intended to gather students with similar interests in French culture. Upcoming events are announced on our mailing list and on the Facebook group.

If you'd like to volunteer, or would like to organize an event, feel free to contact us. We can also help you get funding for your event. 

Here are the typical events we organize every year:
  • Early October: Welcome BBQ
  • Late November/Early December: Wine & Cheese party
  • Mid-January: Galette des Rois event
  • Late May/Early June: End of year BBQ
  • Throughout the year: Crepes parties, series of French Movies and French cooking classes
  • Which other event would you like to see here? contact us to tell us!

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Options, such as subscribing and unsubscribing are also available on the same link.

The FSSA mailing list is intended for FSSA event announcements and for relevant information to the Stanford French and/or Francophile community. It is open to everybody (stanford and non-stanford, French and non-French). A newsletter is sent once a week on average (and no spam).

To send a message on the list, email fssa-france@lists.stanford.edu. Whether your email is really relevant for the list or not, we will add your message to the weekly newsletter.