French hub in Stanford and the Bay Area

At Stanford:

  • The Stanford French House/ La Maison Française:
La Maison Française is a residence dedicated to the French Culture where live undergrades students.
Every Monday at 6pm, they organize a French dinner and a French class at 7pm
Every Thursday at 7:15pm, they boradcast a French movie.
For the French dinner: $8 with RSVP, $10 at the door

Please RSVP to
Claire Negiar : cnegiar at
or Julie Saffarian: julieb3 at

In the Bay area:

including the Science Office

  • French Alumni, an association which aims to foster networking opportunities among alumni of the various French higher education institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • SFBA, French association who welcomes French people in San Francisco Bay Area.
  • LostinSF, French website for French for French people living in San Francisco Bay Area. They gather information about San Francisco cultural life.