FSSA Board


Axel Guyon                 President since Winter 2014                          axguyon at stanford dot edu 

Yoann Buratti              Vice-president since Winter 2014                   yburatti at stanford dot edu

Giulia Guidi                 Financial officer since Winter 2014                 gguidi at stanford dot edu


Past board members

Lucile Bruhat, President Winter 2013 – Winter 2014                 

Alexandre Jais, Vice-president Winter 2013 – Winter 2014                 

Mengyao Yuan, Financial officer Winter 2013 – Winter 2014                 

Anne-Laure Cuvilliez, President Spring 2012 - Winter 2013

Laura Sasportas, President December 2009 - Fall 2011 & Financial officer Fall 2011 - Winter 2013

Mats Forsell, Board Member December 2011- December 2012

Facebook Group

The FSSA is also on Facebook. You will need to register on Facebook to access the group page.


For privacy reasons, we do not disclose the list of our members. Still you can search the StanfordWho database for a current student or the StanfordAlumni directory (you need to be an alumni yourself) for a past student.