Robotics and Mechanism Laboratory, Institue of Systems and Robotics, University of Coimbra

Director: Dr. Mahmoud Tavakoli
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The aim of this group is to develop Intelligent Mechatronics systems to address daily problems. This includes:

  • Stretchable and soft electronics and Robots for Medical applications, Prosthetic devices, Wearable Computing and HMIs
  • Semi-autonomous systems to substitute human workers in 3Ds jobs, jobs which are Dirty, Dangerous and Demeaning, Service robots for automation of factories, warehouses and also Home automation 


Mahmoud Tavakoli Received his PhD in Automation and Instrumentation from University of Coimbra, Portugal in 2010, and his MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Iran. Currently he is woking on implementation and control of Field and Service Robots (FSRs) in ISR-UC. He is leading a project for development of mobile platforms for inspection and maintenance of piping in petrochemical plants, ship hull grooming and ship superstructure maintenance. He is also leading a team of researchers for development of a low cost hand prosthesis and flexible electronics, including a low cost skin. He is also performing some investigation on dynamic and kinematics optimization of parallel mechanisms.

Research Interests
Mobile Robots, Multi agent robots in smart spaces, Climbing robot, Medical robots, Flexible Electronics, Autonomous inspection of Piping in petrochemical plants, Fine manipulation with mobile arms, Indoor localizaion