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The ministry of leadership fosters unity amid diversity. The elements of unity are found in our baptism, our consecration, our mission, and in the bonds of love and sisterhood. Diversity is found in the gifts each sister brings to the structures and methods by which the bonds of unity are achieved. The congregation fosters diversity to stimulate creativity, vitality, and growth.
The Leadership Team is composed of the Congregation Minister, the Assistant Congregation Minister, and three Congregation Councilors. They serve for a term of four years and can each be re-elected for a second term. They are responsible for implementing the Rule, the Constitutions, the Directory and the Acts of the Chapter. The Leadership Team is also responsible for establishing appropriate and timely policies to foster growth in our Franciscan life, both on an individual and congregational level.

From left to right:
Sister Ellen Byrnes, Councilor
Sister Pat McDermott, Councilor
Sister Helen Wacker, Congregation Minister
Sister Dorothy DeYoung, Assistant Congregation Minister
Sister Cecelia Hall, Councilor