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The Franciscan Sisters of Peace are sustained as a community of religious because of the persevering response of each sister to her deeply personal call from God. We live in supportive relationships with each other and through these relationships both create and experience ourselves as community.
The source of our relationships within community is the unconditional love of God for each sister. The power to live these relationships comes to us from Jesus who is brother to all. In Him we are all sisters to all.
Our manner of living community is characteristically Franciscan. United in love we live in simplicity and joy:
                                  •  In love we openly share who we are and what we have with one another and extend ourselves in compassion to all people, bringing healing and hope;
                                  • In simplicity we seek always, and above all else “The kingdom of God and his justice” (Lk. 12:31);
                                  • In joy we celebrate the life and redemption brought to us and to all people in Christ, the Lord.

The bond of love which unites us manifests itself in mutual trust and affirmation so that every sister, at peace in community, can find her own way to God and achieve the fullness of her personhood in Jesus Christ. As instruments of peace wherever we are, in solidarity with all human beings we create community by extending ourselves and the richness of our community life to our sisters and brothers, especially to those in need. Covenanted to each other in community, the Franciscan Sisters of Peace in loving union with the Church, are called to be a “light” to our world and to challenge it with the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.