The mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Peace is to proclaim and live the gospel of Jesus Christ in the footsteps of Saint Francis.

Our evangelical life as Franciscan Sisters of Peace is characterized by a spirit of faith and trust in Divine Providence. In the Franciscan tradition, our life is based on the four fundamental Franciscan values of conversion, contemplation, poverty, and minority. We enable a life of committed relationships to others through community and to God through prayer as we announce the evangelical message of peace.

In our desire to make an authentic response to the gospel and needs of the Church, we were led by the gift of the Spirit and each other to discern our unique identity. We recognize the flow of grace that led us through discernment to a response that calls us to ongoing conversion and the challenge to be messengers of peace.

Our first sisters gave our charism its unique identity in the United States by their pioneering spirit; so we too respond to the social and religious needs of the people of God in our day. In word and witness, we accept the challenge of being messengers of peace. As signs and instruments in rebuilding the Church, we are sisters to all people and in harmony with all creation. Through ongoing conversion, we trust that God will continue to teach us what is ours to do.

The Franciscan Sisters of Peace and Associates
25th Anniversary of the Congregation
October, 2011
Marian Woods, Hartsdale, NY