Franciscan Prayer

The Eucharist is the center of our lives as Franciscan Sisters of Peace. Its daily celebration is an important dimension of our common life.

Franciscan Morning and Evening Praise was created in response to an expressed desire on the part of English-speaking Third Order Regular Franciscans to have a daily prayer book that is clearly Franciscan in character. This book of prayer is built around the four values that particularly characterize the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis: penance (or on-going conversion), poverty, contemplation, and minority, with each week of the four-week Psalter dedicated to one of the basic values. It is hoped that praying it daily with attention and devotion puts participants in communion with the praying Church throughout the world. The Sisters use the Franciscan Morning and Evening Praise daily either communally or individually.

Each Sister uses the necessary means to nourish her spiritual life on a daily basis, particularly a period of inner silence (contemplation) and the daily examination of consciousness. The study of Sacred Scripture and spiritual reading also foster the development of each sister's spirituality. The Way of the Cross and the Francsican Crown are part of our Franciscan tradition expressing devotion to the Paschal Mystery and to Mary.