FSP Associates


A number of years ago women religious developed a strong and growing conviction that the future of religious congregations will be different from the past. Persons across the country, both vowed and non-vowed, were exploring possible new models of being present to and enriched by one another. The Franciscan Sisters of Peace looked at their past and present experiences and were prompted to examine the question: “How are we being asked to create the history of tomorrow?” They resolved to explore new ways of being in community with others and new modes of their being with us. It is out of this background, vision and conviction that the Associates of the Franciscan Sisters of Peace were born and have taken shape.


The Associate Program invites Catholic women, interested in developing their spiritual lives according to the vision and teaching of Saint Francis of Assisi and the charism of the Franciscan Sisters of Peace, to be associated with the Sisters in a non-vowed relationship.

Why Associate Members?

The history of the Franciscan family has had a long tradition of secular association. From its beginnings, the Third Order has provided the opportunity to non-vowed persons to live the spirituality of Saint Francis of Assisi. For Associates, the program provides a deeper contact with all of the Sisters as well as new contacts with other women, searching for that “something more” than they find in their work, their life-style, or their parish. The Associates join other women who are attempting to answer the universal call to holiness in the midst of a depersonalized, economically-oriented society. They find that their association offers support for the moral and ethical values by which they attempt to guide their decisions and behavior.

Associate membership in the Franciscan Sisters of Peace offer:a unique form of relationship with the congregation;
  • a sharing in its prayers, its life, its vision;
  • an invitation to the various programs of on-going formation planned for vowed members;
  • communications regarding congregational activities;
  • special communal gatherings planned periodically by the Associates for spiritual development and support.
The Associates of the Franciscan Sisters of Peace meet regularly in northern New Jersey, southern New Jersey and Westchester County, New York.
If you wish to know more about the Associates or would like to see what a meeting is like, please contact:

Franciscan Sisters of Peace
Chairperson, FSP Associates
20 Ridge Street
Haverstraw, New York 10927
(845) 942-2527

or complete this request form.