Functional-Structural Plant Modeling

The Functional-Structural Plant Modeling (FSPM) approach has been developed since two decades and is presently gathering an increasing community of botanists, agronomists, foresters, ecophysiologists and modelers. Compared to the Process Based modeling approach, the FSPM paradigm allows to model explicitly the growth, branching and mortality events that built plant architecture jointly with the underlying physiological processes. By doing so, each plant organ can be located within the plant architecture with its proper age and characteristics.

In addition, modeling or digitizing the dimensions, position and orientation of plant organs permits to obtain a 3D plant representation that can be used for calculating the irradiance, the photosynthesis and the transpiration of its leaves. Finally water and carbohydrates transfers can also be simulated owing to the explicit plant topology representation.

A last step consists in putting together some of these different architectural and functional sub-models in a single model in order to account for feedback processes between physiological processes and growth.

During the meeting, different methods, sub-models, and examples of plant FSPM will be presented.

How this domain opens new prospects for both theoretical and applied studies will be discussed with the participants.

Organizing committee and speakers

 Name country Institution email phone
 Gustavo RODRIGUEZ   Brazil Embrapa/cnptia 
 Brazil Cirad pierrem@cenargen.embrapa.br6134484795
 Evelyne COSTES
 Cirad 67 61 65 76 
 Miroslava RAKOCEVIC
 Brazil Iapar 43 3376 2142
 Costa Rica
 Cirad (506) 2556 5034
 Sébastien GRIFFON
 France Cirad 
 Hervé REY
 France Cirad 
 Patrick HEURET
 French Guyana
 Brazil Cirad 
 Raquel GHINI Brazil Embrapa  
 Brazil Univ. Pelotas
  +55 53 3225 7524
Thiago TEIXEIRA SANTOS Brazil Embrapa Informatica Agropecuária +55 19 3211 5823
 Fabio R. MARIN
 Embrapa Informatica Agropecuária 19 3211 5876
 Samuel MARTINS  Brazil  Univ. of Viçosa

This first French-Brazilian meeting is a joint action of French and Brazilian Institutions implied in the
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