Faithful Stochastic Proximity Embedding (FSPE)

Faithful Stochastic Proximity Embedding (FSPE) is a new non-linear dimensionality reduction (DR) method, which is called to visualize different data sets, such as hyperspectral images. FSPE overcomes the main shortcomings of the DR by sending the false neighbour points away, and preserving the neighbourhood relation to the true neighbours points, which are inside the local neighbourhood. The visualization of our proposed method displays the faithful, useful and meaningful colours, where the objects of the image can be easily distinguished.

  • S.A. Najim, I.S. Lim, P. Wittek and M. Jones. FSPE: Visualisation of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Faithful Stochastic Proximity Embedding. IEEE  Geoscience and Remote Science Letters. 12(1), pp:18-22, 2015. pdf

Dr. Safa A. Najim
Computer Science Dept., 
Science College,
Basrah University

The FSPE's codes can be downloaded:
Safa Najim,
Apr 23, 2014, 9:09 AM