In an ever-changing industry, tools and techniques are constantly evolving.  Through the years, our team has gained expertise in a good number of new technologies, far too many to list.  Below are a few areas we focus on.

Mobile Development
The mobile device market continues to grow at an astonishing rate.  At it's heart, the Android platform; last projected at 1.4 billion devices and growing strong.  Starting with the phone platform, the Android platform has grown to include tablets, wearables, television, automobile and glasses.  With hundreds of thousands of devices deployed across dozens of Android versions it takes an experienced team in developing reliable, robust applications in this marketplace.  Since 2011, FSK has focused on developing professional applications for our clients as well as internally developed applications and would be happy to discuss how our experience could work for your development needs.

Embedded Application Development

The majority of the team's experience has revolved around embedded application development with primary focus at or above the operating systems layer but can offer kernel-level development services.  Software-intensive systems are our specialty.  Multi-threaded, time-critical and large-scale systems demand a balanced approach of using solid high-level design concepts and low-level implementation details and we specialize in establishing that balance.

Object-Oriented Design and Analysis

Object-oriented design concepts have been fundamental to the team for 18+ years over a variety of programming languages.  We feel object-oriented design is well suited to the demands of maintainable software-intensive systems of today and is the reason our team continues to expand expertise in the use of object-oriented fundamentals and design patterns.

Agile Development / SCRUM

The usage of Agile development principles continues to grow in this industry.  Our team has utilized these principles for the past years in a number of key roles, including the training and roll-out of Agile development organization-wide.

Build Automation/Testing

Our team has a long history of developing and integrating automated test systems and build automation systems, long before it became common place.  We have extensive experience in developing robust, extendable testing environments for distributed systems that include hardware-in-the-loop testing interfaces.  Integration of these automated tests into nightly builds decrease testing costs and identify bugs early in the development cycle, at a reduced cost.

Check out our blogs for a more comprehensive list of technologies we make use of.