Currently we are focusing on contracting services rather than internally-developed products.  Below are some products authored by us in the past.

Mobile Products of the Past

Personal Alarm

Turns phone into an external "Dead Man Switch" alarm. Pressing the button arms the alarm. After the button is released for a configurable number of seconds, an alarm tone will play at full volume through speakers until the button is pressed again. In addition, if the user enables the features, the application will attempt to send a text message with the last stored location (may not be current location) to a specified phone number.

Spin the Bottle

Electronic version of the classic 'spin the bottle' party game.  User can choose to use this application in the classic party 'kissing version', as a shot only by the imagination of the user.

Pass Vault
PassVault is mobile encrypted app for storing passwords. 

Tap Itz

Test your memory and reflexes by repeating the sequence of color/tones in this game.

Shopping List
Shopping List is a free application available via the android market that allows user to easily manage multiple shopping lists. It supports adding items via bar code scanner and allows easy strike-out or deletion of acquired items.

My Notes

My Notes is a free Android application to create and manage simple notes and organize by color. Touch any note to edit and Long touch to edit or delete.


A multi-purpose countdown timer that serves a variety of purposes.


DotConnect is an electronic revision of the 'Connect the Dots' childhood classic. Using real-world scenes, this application is aimed at being entertaining as well as educational. Enjoy!

AC/DC Trivia

Think you're an avid AC/DC fan? Prove it! This application contains over 100 AC/DC trivia items ranging from easy to difficult. With two modes, an annotated mode that presents a back-story for each question, and a timed mode to keep you on your toes. Questions range from the early years of the band through latest album and news. 

Bobble Popple

Have fun popping bubbles in three challenging modes: Arcade: Pop all of the bubbles while avoiding the skull bubbles. Time Trial: Pop as many bubbles as possible in short amount of time while trying to collect bonus points. Updraft: Pop all of the bubbles as they drift upwards, but be sure to get them before they drift off screen.

Bobble Math

Have fun while testing your math skills.

Doodle Guess

Doodle Guess is an interactive game in which a sketch drawn while the user guesses what the object is. With the goal of entertaining while exercising imagination. Using voice recognition, this game is interactive and fun!

Bobble Word
A fun (and educational) word game that challenges the user to play hangman, solve word jumbles, and create words!