Founded in 2008, FSK Software Consulting's mission is to promote the advancement of software engineering tools, principles and practices through partnerships with academia, industries, non-profits as well as individuals.

We live in an amazing time known as the 'digital age' and we at FSK have enthusiastically contributed to it through the professional development of software-intensive systems for the past decades. Over those years you'll find our team has developed a well-rounded foundation of software development experience allowing the development of products from concept through production. Our team has a long history of designing real-time, mission-critical, embedded systems on extendable and robust architectures.

Our 'niche' is providing development expertise that balances the rigor and performance considerations that are fundamental to embedded systems with solid high-level design principles. We find that in the industry it's common to find experience embedded developers that while proficient at low-level implementation and testing principles having limited experience in high-level design concepts (like object-oriented design, industry best-practices and design patterns). Equally, we find far too often experienced engineers while proficient in high-level design principles lack the rigor of design, maintainability and testing principles that are fundamental to embedded systems. Our team is equally equipped in all aspects of development, allowing for a top-down as well as bottom-up considerations to be taken into account in today's software-intensive systems. We feel this allows us to provide robust, maintainable and extendable products in embedded and non-embedded systems alike.